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4 New 第一でナイトCMs!

Over at the Daiichi Seimei official site, they’ve posted a total of 4 new CMs for Daiichi de Knight. The first series is 「代役はいない」and the other is 「生涯設計のきほん」. Each has 2 versions and the latter has 60s versions, which are of Takizawa Knight reading a book :)


The 2nd round of Takki’s 第一生命「第一でナイト」CMs are now on air! And it comes in 2 versions of the jinsei series – 人生を考えナイト!30代 and 40代. The 30s versions of both CMs can be viewed at the official site. I’ve also grabbed them and am sharing it here only for your personal viewing. 30代, 30s version: MU […]

タカラCANチューハイ「直搾り」 CMメイキング

The official Takara Can Chu-Hi site has been updated with a video of the CM Making, and 2 sizes of Wallpapers for download. About the Making (translation by bon): When filming the lemon-squeezing scene, in order to capture the strength/intensity (shown in that scene), there was a loud explosion of sound from the wind that […]

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