Utaban 2009.09.13

Wahahaha… Takki actually gave a piece of “h” underwear to Asami-chan as bday present! And the funniest thing was the way Asami-chan drew it! LOL! Takki was shouting “draw it properly yo!”. Then after that, they had a palm reading session… I was looking at my left hand at the same time, analysing my own palm lol…

[Subs] Utaban 2009.01.22

Finally completed this clip from the “Ai Kakumei” rush earlier this year. Douzo! Utaban, 22nd January 2009 Takizawa Hideaki “Ai Kakumei” Promo Subtitles: English Duration: 9min 09s Subbed by: Mich & Bon About this clip: The talk segment extracted from Takki’s appearance on Utaban, to promote “Ai Kakumei”. They talked about seniors, juniors, bath goods, […]