“Hikari Hitotsu” CM

I didn’t see the presscon for Kakumei on TBS, but while I was channel surfing, I suddenly heard a familar “anta wa… ore ni nani wo shite kureru”. Kyaaaa~ It was the Dwango 15s CM for “Hikari Hitotsu” :) More tidbits: 1) “Hikari Hitotsu” took the #1 spot on the USEN Request Charts (J-Pop) for […]

シャ・ラ・ラ PV

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~ I love the solo dance part — the close ups are so KAKKOII!!! And the close ups when Takki is sitting at the bar counter — he looks sooo good!! *faints* Not to mention that funny “chibiru” mouth-pout wahahaha… Dame Tackey! Ah, I won’t be posting it for download since the PV will come […]