[Subs] Waratte Iitomo 2005.12.19

This one has been on the “Upcoming list” for a long long time. Finally it’s completed! ^o^ Hope you enjoy the clip xD Please do not re-upload/re-post this clip without permission, but do feel free to direct people over to this post. Thank you! ^^ Waratte Iitomo, 19th December 2005 Guest: Takizawa Hideaki Subtitles: English […]

Takki SP @ Waratte Iitomo 2007.08.12

KKYYYAAAAAAAA~~~~~~ Sorry, this is really delayed-response fufufu~ coz I didn’t manage to watch the clip until last night! Yappari looking at ^^ Takki makes me feel shiawase~~ *beems*! His white skin, always-smiling face really really reminds me of a 白馬王子 xD~ Basically he was asked to fulfill requests of the other people on the show. […]

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