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Sorry for not updating here for some time… *checks last post* oh, it’s only been 12 days lol… somehow it seemed like a long time. Last week, Bon-chan flew over to Singapore to attend my wedding banquet *bear hugs to Bon-chan*, and hmm… yeah, my wedding day…. It was perhaps the most tiring day of my […]


I was expecting the results only in March, so it was a bit of a shock when my dad passed me the JCS envelope just now. And I had to open slowly bit by bit… maa, it felt like when I was looking at Takki’s single sales at the Oricon site… putting one hand to […]

Happy New Year!!

明けましておめでとう~★ It’s already 2011 ne, and I would like to wish all Takki fans a very happy new year! 1st January also means opening day for Takizawa Kakumei! Although Tono would not like to hear this, I wanna say to him “ganbare!!”. I hope that the butai will be a success, that every show will […]

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