[Scans] Best Stage 03/2011

As a ‘final countdown’ (lol) to the release of Takizawa Kakumei DVD, here are scans from Best Stage March 2011! I bought them from Amazon coz it was sold out here in Kino. The “book in book” was an 8-page report on Takizawa Kakumei. Very nice pages, just that the type of paper used doesn’t […]

[Scans] Look at Star 07/2011

Received this from Amazon last week and scanned it immediately but somehow didn’t have time to edit & post until now. There are 6 (and a half) pages of Takizawa Kabuki stage report (senshuuraku and children’s day show report included as well! that dressing room scene~~ haha~~), and there’s a small notice on Takizawa Kakumei […]

[Scans] Mannish 06/2000

This was the only old mag I lugged back from Japan during my trip in April. Many pages of kawaii Takki, when he was 18! And there’re loads of Nao from Taiyou wa Shizumanai! There’s even a pic where he hits Makino-kun with his kendo stick XD I’m sorry, the last pic is a 3-fold […]

[Scans] Myojo 04/2011

This will be the only of the 5 main April mags that I’ll be posting. Found it interesting as Tono talks about Yuma and ABC-Z in Takizawa Kakumei, and gives them rating out of 100pts. Lol~ Yuma got cut 15pts because of a erm… liver sashimi incident? fufu~ And Tsukada has full marks! And yay~ it’s […]