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[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.04 ~ 2010.01.10

Bon-chan here~ After the opening day, people don’t really blog about the shows in detail… so there’s not a lot of info for us to report. Which is why we’ve decided to squish last week’s info into one post. Unless there is a lot to say about an upcoming show, we’ll probably continue to translate […]

[レポ] 新春滝沢革命 2010.01.01

The opening show started at 5pm, and ended at 7.55pm, with a 30 minute intermission in between the 2 Acts. Let’s start off with the general notes on the goods and theatre: Fans received the 五円/ご縁 otoshidama from Takki again this year. Fans who purchase more than 1500yen of CD/DVD at the booths will receive […]

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