Tackey CM – AMO Complete (Eye Care)

Takizawa Hideaki in AMO Complete Eyecare

Official website: http://www.amo-inc.jp/eyecare/

This is my collection of Takki’s AMO Complete CMs. I’m missing some clips, indicated below. If anyone has and is willing to share them, please email mich. Thank you!

2007: AMO Complete Double Moist 「コンプリート ダブルモイスト」
O/A: 22 Sep 2007
Takki AMO CM 2007
» Download the CM (2.7MB)
» AMO Complete 2007 Offshots Photos

2006: AMO Complete Amino Moist 「コンプリート アミノモイスト」
O/A: 22 Sep 2006
Takki AMO CM 2006
» Download the CM (3.62MB)

2005: AMO Complete 10 Minutes 「コンプリート10min」
O/A: 06 Jul 2005
Takki AMO CM 2005
» Download the CM (4MB)
Takki AMO CM 2005 - Morning Rush Offshots
» Download the Offshots (8.4MB)

2004: AMO Complete Moist Plus 「コンプリート・モイストプラス」
O/A: 06 Nov 2004
Takki AMO CM 2004
» Download the CM (3.51MB)
» If you have a higher quality version of this clip, please email mich.

2004: AMO Complete Moist Plus 「コンプリート・モイストプラス」
O/A: 15 Mar 2004
» If you have this CM, please email mich.

2003: AMO Complete Moist Plus (Moist Fit) 「コンプリート・モイストプラス」
O/A: 20 Sep 2003
Takki AMO CM 2003
» Download the CM (3MB)
» If you have a higher quality version of this clip, please email mich.

4 Replies to “Tackey CM – AMO Complete (Eye Care)”

  1. Hi mich, saw you were collecting these, I happen to have better quality ones for 06&07 (just a bit bigger file^^) and the 05 off shots, so I’ve emailed the downloading link to you, coz I am not sure if the files are too big for direct emailing.

    BTW, I’ve been looking for last year’s 24 Hr tv commercials, do you happen to know where to find them? Thanks.

  2. you’ve got mail on this from me :)

  3. carolfyfy~ thanks for ur mail! and yea, i think i have the 24hr tv cms last year, i’ll check later and send u a mail :D

    glenda~ thanks for ur mail! XD

  4. added ’05 offshots clip (thanks, carolfyfy~) :)

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