4 New 第一でナイトCMs!

Over at the Daiichi Seimei official site, they’ve posted a total of 4 new CMs for Daiichi de Knight. The first series is 「代役はいない」and the other is 「生涯設計のきほん」. Each has 2 versions and the latter has 60s versions, which are of Takizawa Knight reading a book :)

Daiichi Seimei Takizawa Hideaki CM

Here are the videos I saved from the site, just for your own viewing purposes:

1)「代役はいない」独身世代篇 30s
MF (1.54mb, asf)

2)「代役はいない」ファミリー篇 30s
MF (1.54mb, asf)

3)「生涯設計のきほん」独身世代篇 60s
MF (2.96mb, asf)

4)「生涯設計のきほん」ファミリー篇 60s
MF (2.96mb, asf)

17 Replies to “4 New 第一でナイトCMs!”

  1. downloaded them all but media classic cant view them, what codec do I need?

  2. Wow, thanks!
    Just to let you know, the MF link for 1) directs to the MU link.

  3. janelle~ u’re welcome :) are u able to view it?

    tipsy~ i played and saved it on my macbook, coz my windows crashed last night :( i play it on my quicktime program. not sure if it’ll work for u. i’ll try to convert it to another format…

    tamago~ MF link fixed, thanks for informing me :)

  4. i got overly excited that i said thank you as soon as i saw this. i wasn’t able to play the file either and figured, after a little research, that the files might be playable only on mac. michelle, it seems you’ll be uploading them in another format? thanks in advance. honestly, or oddly, i didn’t feel disappointed at all not being able to watch them (but, of course, i’d love to). this may sound funny (i actually find this funny myself) but i’m actually satisfied just looking at the captures alone. does this make me weird? er, more like takki-struck, maybe?

  5. new links added. these are asf that should be playable on media player :)

  6. that surprised me. the links appeared as soon as i posted my comment. thanks, michelle!

  7. hehe… lemme noe if it can work ne! i tested it on my bro’s comp (the one i’m using now)… and it seem to be working fine :)

    it’s a bad bad timing for my comp to crash now… >.<

  8. yep, it’s working now. i’d just watched all four. thanks again. :)

  9. strangely enough it freezes when I just using media classic to open it..but when I slide forward it’s working…so I miss the begining for each CM …dont know why

  10. Hi, tipsy. I tried opening it with media player classic just now, just to see what’s going to happen, and it won’t even budge. I watched it using RealPlayer and it worked just fine. Tried it with windows media player, too, (not the classic one. what’s it called? just wmp?) and it worked fine as well. You might want to give any of these two players a try if you have them. ;)

  11. thank you

  12. Thanks a lot ne~~~

  13. Hi mich, yes I can view them, the ones that you first put up, with WMVplayer for mac. (but that’s because VLC can’t play it… haha)

  14. I even cannot download all of them… 0%…

  15. Thanks very much for kawaii clip

  16. thank you for sharing these files.

    I love watch his CMs

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