Clips: Satomi Hakkenden (Making Of)

Juz some clips I extracted from one of the making of shows of Satomi Hakkenden.. Was it TV Navi? or.. I can’t remember. Anyway, I only extracted the more ‘interesting’ parts (which are the Takki parts lol~), so here are short clips of Takki at the airport in China, taking the bus to filming location, and some of the filming of the rooftop scene etc.


Download @ MF [re-uploaded again on 1 April 2012]:
Part 1 (27MB)
Part 2 (27MB)
Part 3 (45MB)

Enjoy~ xD

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  1. Yes, I finally gave in to temptation and read your entry. You know how I feel about each friend’s entry (so precious!) so I was saving it and saving it til I could not bear any longer! *lol*

    Ah, Takki looks really sawayaka.
    That killer smile again….

    Grabbed the clips! Sankyuu! ^^

  2. oh oh ribi..another nano second stolen here ! keke.
    hmm..i wish sendspace was as fast as b4…nw it seems 2 hate me for no reason. i duno why it used 2 lov me..nw..T_T

  3. Sendspace does not like me too much either hehehe but it likes me better than the Axi-File place does! Sendspace coming in right now at 50KB/sec and the axi ones drop down to 9KB/sec…yeah, you read that right, 9!!! Reminds me of the years we spent on dial up connection :p

    Thanks for the uploads, Michelle!!

  4. Ah Shuduck, no nanosecond was stolen here. Here, still think Tsubasaaaaaa is cuter. ^^

  5. lol~ SS is starting to not like me, but it’s still good on uploading, juz the d/ling sometimes screws up~~ 50kb/s is quite fast yo!! but 9kb…. but at least it’s better than my home connection, keep getting disconnected, when that happens, there is no way i can even fully down/upload a clip!!!

  6. lol~ ribi~~~ it’s really hard for takki to steal that nano-s so i’m very grateful (on takki-sama’s behalf) for that nano-s moment of zubaranger hehehe…

  7. all of u gals’ speed @ ss is good hates me until it drops all d way frm 50kb/sec to 0.1kb/sec …….))= whtz wrong w me yo?

    yea~miche..c u this thur along w kiwi.

    zubaranger….seems familiar…XD

  8. Hi hajimemashite. Thank you very much for sharing these files. I already saw this movie! The story was omoshirokatta.
    Takki is so kakkoii and I really like the way everyone’s names beginning with “Inu” . They sounded cute somehow!

  9. hi ryuniel, hajimemashite! i love the way this movie was filmed, the cinematography, very pretty, and the story line is good too :)

  10. i m not v.sure w ryuniel’s words here but i m sure i noe whtz ‘Inu’..makes me reminded of ‘inuyasha’…!!!!tht’s where all d lovin’txt starts…

  11. “inu” = dog? coz satomi hakkenden is about the eight dog warriors…

  12. ah, Satomi hakkenden, where I first saw Takki…..

    thanks Michelle!

  13. hi Lisa!~~ yea, i remember my first impression of takki in satoken was his BIG BUM when he was fighting on the rooftop hahahaha… so funny!

  14. hmm..big bum?…hehe..i wasn’t aware..i just kept looking at his silky hair..i was thinking he cn endorse for some shampoo adverts…was also busy lookin @ how he twitched his mouth whn he was swaying his sword around his opponent..=p
    but i luk d satomi hakkenden themepark clip..u noe the row of games the warriors hv 2 go up 4 this theme games programme? v.nice i like tht 1 !!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!! do they such kind of publicity for yoshitune’s?

    he is so pretty yo..hmm anyway i wonder jan07 myojo mag is stil available in kino…=p

  15. i dun like that hair la~ haha….
    oh, ya, that clip. i love the games they played. that’s a really good 2 hrs full of satoken/takki/shoon love hahaha…
    eh, i dun think so, yoshitsune wasn’t a SP drama, dun think they have such promos for taigas.. but there are special talks wif the yoshitsune cast…

    ya, jan07 myojo seashipment should be in tml.. shuduck, we meet at 6pm k, at kino. u can grab the myojo and popolo if you want…

  16. yea.i’ll definitly grab myojo with that bed…that bed..tsk tsk..u noe myojo’s DX bed pic reminds me of 1999 forbidden love..the last scene..reenacted…the one @the hospital.the last scene if you all remember.

    alamak.the hair’s so bad?=p i duno but takkicon hairstyle reminds me of satomi as well. i like the satomi group of casts!

    yeah..yoshitune’s got special talks..demo..i dun understand.=p

    c u later michelle.

  17. i hope you will re-upload them again ^^ i want to download them very much, onegai >

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