[LQ] Tokyo Friend Park II 2010.09.20


Today was my first day in my new job and as I could only leave office at 5.30pm, I rushed over to Irene’s house which was nearby… just to watch this TFP2 (which was shown at 6pm Singapore time)! And I couldn’t stop kyaaaing throughout the show hahahaha~

The 104 Jrs. were wearing different color t-shirts. Green – elementary school; Red – junior high school; Blue – high school. Takki was wearing black! :D Their t-shirts all had the “Tackey and Johnnys Jrs” logo on it. I want that t-shirt!! haha~ And 8 year old Chino-kun was so cute! He said the sempai he admires is Takki! And Takki’s *YOSHA* right after that was so cute haha~

Morimoto Shintaro-kun was also kawaii ne~~ honto ni ii ko da ne~~ fufufufu~ I love seeing Takki & Shintaro-kun playing the games together. Especially during the Air Hockey, the part where they looked at each other and burst out laughing LOL!

tokyo friend park II - takki and 104 jrs

I don’t wanna spoil the entire show for everyone (and really, this time you don’t really need to understand Japanese to understand the games)… But, ne!! Rabbit Takki kawaii~~~!! XDD And even though Takki is at least 10 years older than the Jrs, and not exactly as tall as many of them *lol*, he’s still so fit!! Haha~ even though he was panting hard after his bunny game lol~~ But when it came to the thing that adults should be better at…. well, hmm… *lol*

tokyo friend park II - takki and 104 jrs

Fortunately we watched until the end… Just when I thought that he wouldn’t be doing any PR for Takizawa Kabuki DVD, he appeared again back stage after the show!! He was with the few Jrs who participated in the games. And right at the end of it, he held up two Limited Edition DVDs!!! Kya!! So pretty~~ I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVDs!

Download from MU / MF (320×240, 195.71MB)
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  1. thanks for uploading it, will download it right away x)

  2. Kyaaaaa….hontou ni arigato Mich!!!! for posting this show.. XDD

    By the way, congrats for your new job.. ;)

    Thx God..before i go to sleep, suddenly i want to open your blog ..and i see this post!!!.. all i can do just kyaaaaa… and take it immediately… ;D

    This show is very funny and so fun..and even i don’t understand japanese..i really enjoyed the show. Takki is soo kawaii.. XDDD and full of energy too..hahaa~.. i like Rabbit Takki.. ;D
    Hmmm..mich..before the each game was start..the juniors are holding a kind like nameplate (is that right?).. do u know what is the three points below their name?

    And….September 22nd is near..i can’t wait to get mine too (finally i can decide which one i should buy..hehe~).. XD

    Thanks once again, Mich…

  3. thank u so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much mich! I look forward to watching this.

    Btw, omdetou on your new job!

  5. Mich, thank you very much for this!
    Takki is a great leader!
    And he is so cute in the bunny costume, too!

  6. kurokage~ fortunetelller~ you’re welcome. i hope you enjoyed watching!

    amy~ thanks! :) and ah, below their names are the things they like to do their sports history (eg. soccer), what they are good at (eg. backflip), and the person they admire (two out of the three jrs put ‘takizawa hideaki’ during the “wild wild duck” game – i think – and takki said they were ‘good kids’ haha~ )

    simone~ thanks!

    marie~ yeah, he’s a great leader! and still so cute at 28! :) this “takizawa hideaki & johnnys jrs” thing is kinda nostalgic ne~ like 10 years ago when he was leading the likes of arashi and yamapi…

  7. thank you a lot for the show

  8. Thanks mich for sharing the program. Takki is very genki and still looks like a child ne!
    I like his playing Wild Wild Duck with morimoto sen where Takki finished with a nice shot!

  9. Thanks a lot for providing the video.
    Kya~~~~Rabitt Takki kawaiiiiiiii~!!!

  10. dl’ing now~ thanks alot! *chu* Takki saved a boring day at work! something to look forward to after work today! Kyaaa~~ rabbit Takki~~ kawaii ne~

  11. thank you very much..:)))

  12. Thank you so much! <3 Takki looks like he's having a blast.

  13. Thank you so much.^^

  14. That was a lot of fun, thanks for sharing! ^^

  15. Mich – thanks for the answer.. ;) yeah i remember..that 2 juniors put Takki’s name in there (coz i only know if that is Takki’s name..haha..)

  16. thank you for sharing,
    i love rabbit takki!

  17. Thank you for uploading this!!!

    yesterday i have a party with my colleages TwT.
    I couldn’t leave them to come back and watch
    takki playing games.

    only see your capture, no need to imagine how cute he was >_<

    hontou ni arigatou!!

  18. THANK YOU very very much for sharing! Here in Italy there aren’t many chances to watch any Takizawa-related shows etc. so THANK YOU!!! He’s great with the jrs!! :)

  19. Thank u so much to uploading it, I can’t wait to watch it~

  20. Thank you Mich,

    I’m already watch it, and really love the fake Tackey part, when camera
    move to sweet smiling Takki’s face 5-6 times.

    How can he has sweetest smile like that at age 28.

  21. Thank you a lot for sharing! *_*
    I couldn’t see it on tv!

  22. thanks for sharing
    the rabbit side of takki is so cute~~~

  23. Hi, I’d like to download this ep. Really interested in what fun games are in it. So many people say its an exciting ep. May I know how to? Thanks ^^

  24. allabthem – the download link is already in there..
    Mich wrote..”download from MU / MF …..” — you just choose where you want to download it..from MU or MF.. ;)

  25. Yeees~~ you save the day for me dear “michelle” <3<3 as,my connection probably won't let me download anything but this file which is in a good size for me – and my poor laptop ^ ^ ,Thank you so much for sharing <3

    Yay~~ can't wait to watch this episode,i 'm so excited since i heard about it…

    Tackey-sama is just a pure & beautiful heart beating kindly on this earth <3,i love him more & more everyday ^ ^,it's really lovely to have him with his beloved kohai \Jrs ^O^,& i'm madly in love with TFPII show indeed ^^ ,so i can't miss this amazing mix ;)

    Thanks again ^ ^

    Have a lovely day ^O^

  26. Thanks for sharing~

    I actually saw it yest. on youtube, I think it was your profile I found. lol Anyway, saw bits n’pieces of it here n’there on it and I thought Takki in a bunny suit was hontoni kawaiii. ^.^ And then toward the end of it all, I thought that omg, there he is again promoting his dvds to the camera to buy them. :P That was so cute. ♥♥

    He’s always so funny (and what a salesman…lol) doing that though. He did this the last time when he was on a diff talk show w/those guys dressed in drag, dancing w/them in the end, and then every now n’then during the show he tried promoting his dvd box set. lol

    I can’t wait to get my own copies of the dvds too soon…should be any day now…*squeee*

  27. thanks, amy :)

    reiko~ NO, this time on the show, he promoted only the t&t concert… and i was cursing and swearing already! WTH was that! kabuki DVD release was two days after the show, why is he promoting a concert that’s 2 weeks away and isn’t on sale in public places? but fortunately we continued to watch after the show ended, and after the commercial break, takki appeared backstage again! just for a few minutes… but fortunately, right at the very end, he promoted the kabuki DVDs!! *phew* and this turned out to be the one & ONLY tv promo for kabuki DVD yo!!

  28. Thanks a lot for sharing this! :)))

  29. Thank you for sharing !!!

  30. thanks you ne~

  31. thanks~!

  32. Thank you for this!
    And congratulations on your new job! Happy working!!

  33. It’s been a while since I saw Takki on TV. Thanx. ^ ^

  34. thank you!!

  35. the best thing bout takki
    his smile nee
    i cant get enough with that^^
    thank u very much for sharing
    PAPA and his juniors nee^^

  36. Oh, so cute

  37. can u reupload this files?thanks ^^
    please let me know if u reupload it~

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