Music Station 2008.06.06

[Edited: HQ file of the Talk & Koi Uta Performance uploaded]

I made it back in time for this! And the connection was quite smooth :)

It seems like Takki really did have his hair coloured at the salon earlier today. It still looks dark, but not as black as in Utaban? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? hehe~ But whatever the hair color, Takki looks CHOU KAKKOII!!!!!! I love that white shirt!! (and that necklace again!!! It’s on my header image too desho!) I think he wore that shirt before during X~Dame promo? Or something similar to that~ but I love the black strip in the middle, where the buttons are. I thought the grey vest fit it really well! Tono looks really good today!!


As they counted down to the show, the female host talked to T&T, about travelling overseas etc etc. Then the camera introduced all the guests for the day. All of them pointed to each other lol~ and when it finally came to T&T, Takki at first looked serious, then suddenly, he also started pointing to Tsubasa lol


Download LQ here (avi, 7.89mb)

Super short clip! But I love seeing the boys walking down the steps lol. And they were introduced for a short while after Otsuka Ai. Tono looked so cute in the bottom 2 screenies ^^


Download LQ here (avi, 3.54mb)


“Koi Uta” is #2 today, sigh~ just when they appear on Music Station, it dropped to #2. And it’s only the 3rd day :( ‘m chotto worried about the weekly figure ne~ it HAS to do better than Samurai!! ahhh~~ *chucks that aside for now*~ Anyway, during the short talk segment, Takki said he fell in love for the first time during first year of Junior High. I was looking at his unbuttoned shirt again *lol* After a while only, they were told to standby and went off to the stage for Koi Uta.


The singing for “Koi Uta” is better this time, compared to the other two performances. I hope it’s not true that Takki has caught a cold recently ne… definitely not a good time to fall sick…


Download HQ here (avi, 640×360, 77.53mb)


Another short clip.


Download LQ here (avi, 3.22mb)

6 Replies to “Music Station 2008.06.06”

  1. thanks mich! i think they sound good today, not so nervous like the last time ;p n yes, he’s so good looking w vest! irresitably kakoiiii ne… n i’ve check out the drama dvd.. OMG.. got 1 qn though, haha.. make a guess? … how did an angel get wet? ^~^ rofl.. but takki look sugoi in that drama *~* so happy finally got it!

  2. Thank you, mich. They made really good singing this time. :) It was beautiful and touching.
    I was expecting for tono’s new hair style, but…I guess it was a wrong info. sorry~

  3. Thanks Michelle! Music Station always has such nice staging for the songs. Both of the guys are looking quite handsome!

  4. errr… can someone help me with the performance? it doesn’t work in any of my players, including vlc. :( onegai… thanks for the links though.

  5. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    thank you for this! ^^ The performance was really good :)

  6. Mich,

    Takki so darn goodlooking…….and looking young too…..

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