Music Station 2010.11.26

In this cut — the opening bit, Ai wa Takaramono performance, the talk about Takki being fully hadaka in hotel rooms, and the ending. A total of 7mins 26s.

Download 704×396 from MF (87.33mb, divx)

4 Replies to “Music Station 2010.11.26”

  1. finished downloading and can’t wait to watch it at home.
    Thank you michelle. ^ ^

  2. Thanks a lot for all the video Mich!!^^
    eeeee?? takki being fully hadaka?? lol

  3. The file is divx.. Not an avi. No avi format then?

  4. eest~ oh, i forgot to convert this to avi. sorry about the wrong label m(_ _)m. but ne, when i convert to avi, i also use the divx codec so you’ll need it to be able to play the file… please try opening the divx with a media player like ‘media player classic’ or ‘vlc player’. etc… really sorry about that…

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