Takki @ Music Station 2008.11.14

Yay~ HQ!! Grabbed from clubbox. There may be HDTV version soon, but for now, this 640×360 is good enough for me hehe~

Takki on Music Station singing Ai Kakumei

Download MU / MF (98.11MB)

9 Replies to “Takki @ Music Station 2008.11.14”

  1. Mich…..thanks so much!….love rip it already to mp3……

  2. yo mich! Thanks a bunch for uploading this!

  3. Thank you so much! XDD

  4. oh, i love the song
    thanks alot!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. *scream*

    Nice dance~~ not much more but nice~

    *scream again*

    Thank you mich \ ( T 0 T ) / I’m very happy.

  7. Thanks! This was quick.

  8. Thanks, Mich for HQ vers. *hug*

  9. thank you for sharing it

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