Music Japan 2010.11.28

This is from today’s Music Japan on NHK. Most of T&T’s parts were recorded ok. The opening bit to Ai wa Takaramono performance and then the bit after that went well too. But there was a bit after that that’s missing from this clip as my connection froze. Hopefully I can find a HQ soon.

Updated 11/30:
Download 720×404 from MF (156.15mb, avi)

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  1. Kyaaa..Takki almost made it!!..XD

    I also watch the full episode of Music japan.. Well, i missed it when it aired on NHK. But there’s the repeated in NHK World Premium (Just suddenly want to watch NHK World Premium and OMG!! I saw I don’t know if NHK World will be air the latest eps.)

    Thanks a lot for the d/l link, Mich!^^

  2. (>________////<)

  3. he???…I don’t understand…why my long comment show only my emotion???

  4. Ari~ hmm… i think it was because there were some symbols you used which were read as html. in order for your comment not to be ‘eaten up’, try not to use the html ‘sharp’ brackets. hope it helps.

  5. They both are funny in the show. Love how each other put both hands on the side of each other’s head while practicing. First Tsubasa put his palm at Takki’s cheek and Takki first block Tsubasa’s view with his palm. The argue Tsubasa made is just too kawaiiiii~~~~ It’s like he really are pissed when Takki blocked his view, and after Takki put his hands at the right place, Tsubasa was concentrating on looking at Takki and not the ball. *LOL*

    Thank you michelle. ^ ^

  6. replaced LQ with HQ :)

  7. thank you for the HQ!!! ^ ^

  8. thank you so much for clip.

  9. Thanks so much for the HQ clip! Ooooh, wished I could’ve seen this one too on tv. lol

  10. can u reupload this files?thanks ^^
    please let me know if u reupload it~

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