Tackey @ Music Japan 2009.05.03

I love that little talk before the performance~ it’s cute and funny! Takki was really otona-ppoi ne~ He’s so mature, cool and calm, yet cute at the same time. Love all his little reactions :D It’s also refreshing to see him perform Shalala without backdancers. If only he had also performed Mugen no Hane…

Takizawa Hideaki - Talk and Shalala

DL: MU or MF (57.16MB)

Not sure why, but I especially love his talking voice in this clip.

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  1. Mich, I was trying to download this, but your MF link doesn’t seem to work?
    It worked fine for Shounen Club.

  2. I just got the file from marchlavender’s LJ. Takki looks just wonderful on this! He is relaxed and appears to enjoy himself. I do hope his Cds have the success they deserve!

  3. simone~ that’s coz i only just added the MF link haha~~

  4. LOL- at least it was normal that it would not work!

  5. Thank you Mich. How can a person be this beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his hair dark. I really wanna learn Japanese now. T.T

  6. Thanks 4 this vid clip! *takes it* Will c it at home…thanks~ XDD

  7. Take it
    Thank for sharing >w<
    He look very cute in his dark hair XD

  8. kawaii_asa says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing.
    I also like the talk. His response to the host is just cute. And the talking host looked like she still can’t believe that she’s face to face with “THE” Tackey himself. fufufufufu~~~

  9. Thank you.
    I like hats. Yes, it does hide his face, but it emphasizes his chiseled jawline.

  10. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for sharing the file

  11. i really want to learn japanese now, i want to understand what he is saying!^-^

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