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[HD/SD] Takki @ Shounen Club 2010.08.17

Just so as not to confuse anyone, this is the digital broadcast of the Shounen Club episode where Takki performed “Kareha no Kage” (analog broadcast on BS2 was on 6th August, posted here). As I mentioned in the earlier post, Takki performed “Ho! Summer” at the beginning, had a talk followed by Kareha no Kage, and finally ended the episode with “Shalala”.

I converted these files from the .ts files provided by sakuraishobaby (39~).There are two versions each, 1280×720 [HD] and 720×480 [SD]. As these are encoded from the digital version from BShi, quality is definitely better than the analog one I posted earlier.

  • Opening: Ho! Summer
  • Duration: 3min 47s
  • HD (112.52MB) / SD (58.08MB)

ho summer

  • Talk, Kareha no Kage
  • Duration: 6min 25s
  • HD (190.19MB) / SD* (98.29MB)
    *Edited 2010.08.28 – Sorry, the link for SD was wrong. This is the better quality one.

kareha no kage

  • Ending: Shalala
  • Duration: 3min 12s
  • HD (95.20MB) / SD (49.05MB)


KYAAA!!! When he’s just wearing the white shirt with vest, we can see how defined his biceps are!!! And I’m still repeating Kareha no Kage performance every day on the way to work lol~ Btw, during Shalala, they did shout the “Hey!” during the bridge part ne :)

I have only watched a bit of the following episode (Summer theme, part 2 – where Takki was guest again), but we most likely have to wait till the BShi broadcast of that episode, to get the full good quality file. If I manage to find the files, I’ll share them here.

[HD/SD] Takki @ Shounen Club 2010.08.17

20 thoughts on “[HD/SD] Takki @ Shounen Club 2010.08.17

  1. Thank you Mich!
    I have also been replaying Kareha no Kage everyday! I look forward to seeing it and the other clips in high quality. Glad Takki took off the jacket for Shalala, but at least it was a nice length jacket for Kareha no Kage :)

  2. I looove Kareha no Kage! I love any of his songs that have a kind of rock edge to them. Thanks for posting. :)

  3. Hello,this is my first time here :) I really wanna thank you for all your amazing work :)
    Thx so much. :) Much love for u and all Tkki fans (like me) around here :)
    see u soon :)

  4. Thank you very much for your sharing~
    takki singing ho summer is kawaii~~and Kareha no Kage is kakoii ne~~~

  5. for those who wanted to download the SD file for kareha no kage, i’m sorry i had linked it back to the previous file i posted (dated 8/6). i’ve changed the link to the corret one. it shud be dated 8/17. gomen~

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