SCP 2010.08.27 – [Works] Tackey Resort

Sorry for the delay. I don’t think I’ll be able to find the HD version so I’m posting this one. This was the Works corner of the Shounen Club Premium episode on 27th August (BS2), Tackey Summer Concert 2010 report. It’s a short one, but they did show Kareha no Kage and the “trip & fall” lol~

Download from MF (63.18mb, 720×480)

11 Replies to “SCP 2010.08.27 – [Works] Tackey Resort”

  1. WowwwwW

    Takki so so kakkoii desuyo ne~~
    I'm waiting to see it for long time
    Very very thank you!!!!!!

  2. Mich, thank you very much for this clip.
    Did Takki loose weight? Somehow he looks extremely thin in this clip.
    Maybe it’s because of his costume.

  3. I really enjoyed this short clip. Thanks so much!

    The more I hear it, the more I love Kareha no Kage.

    About the “trip & fall”, I suspect it happened during rehearsals and that he decided to make a joke out of it…

  4. Mich, I already have this file ago.
    When I hear that Mich can’t find HD version of this file.

    So I think, I should share this HD file

    *** And now I share its in Words of Love.

  5. thanks Mich! And I still love Kareha no Kage….

  6. miki283~ u’re welcome! i lost one source of SC clips recently. i think it’s getting harder and harder to find his files.

    marie~ i think he is always so thin but this time perhaps becoz of takichannel preparation along with the con preparation, he lost more weight.

    simone~ that’s a good theory lol~

    jiw~ thanks for the file!

    lisa~ u’re welcome. i love kareha no kage too! ^^

  7. Finally I received the special gift from Tackey-channel~
    It is the towel that Johnny’s gave out duringタッキーリゾート建築中見学会~
    And there is an English letter~ Saying that they hope we will have chances to go to Japan to see their concerts in one day~
    Originally I expected something new and special~
    Anyways~ I was so surprised because Johnny’s had never done that kind of things before~
    ありがとう TAKIレンジャー!

  8. Thank you mich,

    I have been waiting for this clip for a long time too.

    I just hope it will be a little bit longer than this, but short is better than not have ne.

    And really good that it also have kareha no kage ne.

  9. Sugei! Thanks laopo for the clip! I hope they have more of the con stuffs on shows, so even if we hv no DVD (cries) we still can see glimpse of it! did you catch his chikubi this time? =p

  10. wooowwww… thank u so much for the clip, mich!! XD
    i love kareha no kage… XDD

    jiw — thanks for the HD file.. ^ ^

    chanmonkey — congrats!! that gift is special because as you said…Johnny’s never done that kind of things before.. ^ ^

  11. >_________<,,

    Takki-sama Kakkoi~~~

    thanks you so much for sharing file
    I taking it now~ I wanna see it, quick ~

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