Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

KYAAAA!!! Finally he appeared on TV, and he looked so kakkoiiiiii! ^-^ I really love his body shape, so slim and perfect! The talk part was funny, when Takki said he knows the Jrs call him “Takki” behind his back~ and especially when Takki said to Chinen, “Finally you talked!” lol… When the intro of Kareha no Kage played, I ‘kyaa’ out lol~

Takki cut – talk + solo medley
MF (128.43mb, 8min 24s, 720×480)

Credit: shokura@LJ

7 Replies to “Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01”

  1. whoa! he looks good enough to eat.

  2. He looks so great!…How nice is he…can’t explain anymore

  3. I agree with katya_alex! Takki looks so good. I noticed his hair is darker, and the shade is actually rather becoming.

    Mich, thanks so much for making this available. It really is lovely to see and hear this medley [with some of my favorites].

  4. I bless the GOD wish someone would upload the TV show and now here. Thank you very much.

  5. Thank you very much for uploading it!!!!you are the best!!

  6. Thank you!!! :D
    It’s lovely to see him on TV show again. :D

  7. ^ ^ love you very passionate

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