Takki @ Shounen Club 2009.11.01

Takki sang 3 songs. I love the episode opening of “We can do! We can go!” (hearing the intro just brings me to the old Jr time~), then the song suddenly switched to “Hikari Hitotsu”! Kakkoii! I really like Kis-my-ft2 backdancing for “Hikari Hitotsu”, and I also love whatever Takki’s wearing~ But he looked really tired~~~~ v_v; I wonder if he slept at all the night before… But he still looked so dashing!!! Lol~

colorful tackey
(After creating this screencap image, I realised it kinda suits the theme of the epi lol)

The theme is “Colour” and when asked what colour is his “image”, Takki said it depends on the situation, sometimes it’s white, black, and sometimes PINK ^^ They also talked about Takizawa Kakumei. He said he’s already started preparing for the butai. Koyama said it’s understandable to have water thing for a concert, but when he saw it in a butai, he was shocked ^^ Takki then sang “Ai Kakumei” and “Shalala”. I think this is my favourite “Ai Kakumei” performance lol~ And during “Shalala”, to me, he did a Takiranger shout lol~ and when he climbed onto the platform, I think he lost his balance. But less than a second later, he regained it and continued singing~

At the end of everything, he even gave a dorky smile lol

Takki Cut (9mins 57s, 768×576, 200.34MB)
Edited by mich from full epi raw provided by Linrst8@LJ :)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002

[HD] Takki Cut (10mins 02s, 1024×576,  297.3MB)
Edited by mich from full epi raw provided by puppeteer8@LJ :)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002

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  1. Thanks for sharing this vid clip, Mich…and to Linrst8 for editing it. =D

  2. maybe i wasn’t clear, the full epi raw was provided by linrst8, and i edited the takki parts out of it. i juz added the “by mich” to make things clearer.

  3. Thanks for this vid.
    He looks tired and a little sick :s

  4. thank you michelle, thank you Linrst8.

    Thanks God! That they sent This man on This earth!

  5. Wow~ Is this the high quality one?~ I have downloaded in other forum… But I was not really satisfied with the quality… Hope this will be better~ I also love the Ai Karumei performance~ In fact I love watching Tackey dancing~ Haha~

  6. @chanmonkey
    The HQ normally out 4 days after the airing.

    Thank you so much for this. I hate to cut clips by myself.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks so much for this, I enjoyed it very much, and especially the Ai Kakumei.

  9. Thanks you so much

  10. Ahh I have been waiting for the dorky smile for quite a while now… Thank you for this!!! ^_^

  11. Thank you very much. I miss him.

  12. Thank you a lot for sharing this performance!

  13. Thanks for the HD vers. to this. XDD

  14. Long time no see tackey singing

    Thanks very much for HD ver.

    It’s very hard to find

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