Takki @ Shounen Club 2011.01.07

This was recorded last year, on 13 Dec, but aired yesterday on bs2 so quality is not very high, but better than my usual recordings. I found this from youtube (shutyor1), grabbed, edited, flipped and converted to avi.

Opening – Real DX

Video size: 480×280
Download from MF (24.24MB)

11 Replies to “Takki @ Shounen Club 2011.01.07”

  1. Mich, thanks so much! And here I thought you were catching up on your sleep…

  2. thx :) ^^

  3. Mich, thank you for making this available for us!

  4. Thank you for sharing this clip- I hope you get some sleep soon!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. He’s so gorgeous.

  6. He wore the same clothes when he was on TV… What happened to him?…

  7. chanmonkey~ i don’t understand what you mean…

  8. Where can i watch it? please,coz our cable destiny cable,didn’t renew their contract with NHK Premium channel this year.PleaSE??

  9. leliani~ i only have the opening uploaded on MF. the link is in the post yo~
    but i don’t have the talk segment yet. haven’t seen it yet. sorry.

  10. >___________<,,

    So smart ,, thanks for sharing ne~~~


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