Tackey @ Utaban 2009.05.10

Takki was guest on this 2-hr Tokuban SP. They played back many VTRs over the years, and Takki commented on some of them, like on Arashi and Matchy-san. “Shalala” was performed somewhere at the end. Sugoi ne! I love the female dancers, and whatever they were wearing~~ I think it matches Tono best so far. This performance was really neat, and I love the very last close-up shot. Definitely my favourite Shalala performance on TV so far :)

Tokuban 20090510

1) DL (640×360): MU or MF (82.49MB) – avi, missing the Aiba talk
2) DL (720×480): (MU) 001 | 002 | 003mpeg, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 | 003 (201.36MB)
3) DL (704×396): MU) 001 | 002avi, complete takki parts
Or (MF) 001 | 002 (157.45MB)

14 Replies to “Tackey @ Utaban 2009.05.10”

  1. otsukare~chan! *chu* thanks so much!

  2. thanks ,Mich

    I like live in utaban since ai kakumei。XD

  3. Utaban
    Takki is very handsome!
    That slate worth 1000000Yen, i totally did not expect!

  4. takki is really kakoii desune~
    i like his look in this more than the last time when he promoted ai kakumei~i do love this shalala performence as well~
    however ,i’m wondering what’s the meaning of ‘なぞなぞ’??

  5. I really liked this. I agree, those female dancers are very good, and their costumes were perfect for the show. A neat performance. Thanks!

    Zoe, なぞなぞ means “riddle”. なぞ by itself means “mystery” or “enigma”.

  6. thanks simone~
    i know what’s the ‘なぞなぞ’thing now
    it seems like a ‘地味’ game~

  7. ELLATEPPEITAKKI says: Reply

    why i can’t watch this file?

    can someone help me?

    or send the programme which can open these files to me please

    thanks so much!

  8. ella,

    are talking about the MPEG one?
    you can watch it normally with media player classic or any player as long as you have complete codec like CCCP (http://www.cccp-project.net/) or K-lite (http://www.filehippo.com/download_klite_codec_pack/).
    the AVI one is like other normal AVI/video files…

  9. Yeah!!!. Thank you very much. I like your capture.
    Takki smile :) Lovely

  10. His hair is back to brown again. ~_~ *sniff* (liked it better when it was blk for Enbujo) See, I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it blk for very long. :P

    Ella, you can also view these files by using the VLC program as well. The d/l is for this program is free at:

    (just follow the directions on what country you’re d/lg from and you should be fine)

    The VLC is great viewing ANY type of file whatever it is. It can basically read most anything out there. =D

  11. ano… his hair wasn’t black during enbujo’09…

    and VLC is good, but it might not play some of the files if you don’t have the right codecs installed. i’d recommend downloading CCCP (as what love suggested). then u can play the file with any player, like Media Player Classic.

  12. Thanks for sharing Recommen so quickly. I am so happy today because I receive my CDs from CDJapan. While I went window shopping earlier today, I found the new version poster with SHALALA CD. I bought one with new poster again. Guess I am going crazy for Takki~~~~~ I am bankrupt right now. I saw news about there’s a new drama in summer and Takki is going to take part in it. Is it true? I wish it’s true.Praying!!!!(Though accordng to the news source his character is a “bad Guy”.) I am still happy to see him again on dorama again. OMG! Let it be true!

  13. it’s true, it’s true!! so happyy~~~ XDDD

  14. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for sharing the files.

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