T&T @ Utaban 2007.08.02

Just finished watching last night’s Utaban & the recent 2 Zubaris~ Am trying to catch up with all the clips I missed. I’ll start with Utaban first. Takki really looks quite tired ne~~ *heart pain*


Really love what he was wearing, the way the sleeves were folded ^^ The chibi vs present Takitsuba part was really cute!! Takki was complaining when he saw his chibi pose *LOL* They had to do the same pose as their chibi cardboard figures lololol~~


Then Nakai tried to say something and Takki stopped him. That was so cute! He called him “Sempai” while blocking his face *kawaii* He said that they are on TV :)


Nakai is really funny na~ when talking about Takki’s chibi days, eg. the type of woman he likes, etc, he acts as if he were talking to cardboard-chibi!Takki. He even hit cardboard-chibi!Takki with his pointer and imitated a chibi voice lol~


I kinda wish Takki could go back to that chubby face era… Seeing him get thinner and thinner and not being able to do anything is kinda sad. I suddenly feel like writing to Avex to request someone to feed him more food hahaha… Shall we start a “Feed Takki Campaign”? hahahaha…. But it was good to see him laugh~~ that bright ^^ smile :)


And the Enoshima beach, Tsujido, Fujisawa? We were somewhere there last Sunday :) When I saw that red shrine structure thingie, I suddenly feel like going to Kamakura ne!! Guess I’ll plan that for my next trip ^^ Oh, and the steak looks so juicy!!! I wanna eat… And Nakai sempai should have given some of his crispy cuttlefish to Takki ne. He likes it deshou…

Performance wise, T&T sang Samurai of coz~ They were wearing sleeveless dark tops and jeans, kinda like in the PV. And Takki’s bicceps again! Can’t stop drooling over those juicy meaty slabs wahahahahaa… *shuts up* Look at it yourself :)


Did anyone notice the ceiling during the performance? It reminds me of the Dame Con Additional Shows Pamphlet!! Remember the black & white pamphlet (front & back of the pamphlet forming a curvy T&T)? Somehow it just reminds me of it…


Download Part 1 (95.1MB)
Download Part 2 (175MB)
Download Samurai Performance (145MB)

Next up, Zubari. Continue tomorrow~ :)

(Btw, Avex updated the flash header on the official site!)

7 Replies to “T&T @ Utaban 2007.08.02”

  1. i blame Manager-bakayarou-san!!! v__v; compared to the old Jr pics, he does look a lot older/more exhausted?? ahhhh Takki, uve lost all ur baby phat….

    ASDLKFJ HIS DIMPLESSSSS *grabs Mich and kyaaaaaaas* mou, we need to meet in Japan again cause we didnt get a lot of time to kyaaa together last time… *sigh*

  2. the stage set looks like a strip club stage leh… lol!

    and i am SUPER DUPER JEALOUS!!! i want to go bury myself in shonan beach sand toooooo

  3. lol~ bonnie, that manager-bakayarou-san will be the #1 target of takki fans now!! he’d better watch out fufufufufu…. YES! YES!! we need to meet again in japan!!!

    wahahaha, kiwi~~ strip club?? ya ya, the poles deshou!! kekeke, imagine tsu doing some belly rolls dance around the polls bwahahahahaha….

  4. uahuauah It’s always funny watch utaban with ours favorites artits. huauaauha I just love it!

    Love the face when nakai use the chibi voice huauhaauh takki was so kawaii blocking his face! ahuauhahua *-*~ Ahhhh I love his smile. SOOO CUTE!!!!!

    Tsubasa was so cute too huauhauhuahua *-*~ however I didn’t like too much of his new hair. Needs a bit of volume and them will be really nice. Looks like he left grow up without cut.

  5. newsvsyamapi says: Reply

    Thank you so much I love this tv show and Tackey is damn hot ^^

  6. hi

    i just want to ask of we can use your hq file of this episode on a subbed version. I ask double 2 fansub if she sub utaban episode. if it’s okay I’ll ask here to get it directly from ur site.

    I’ll wait for ur response. thanks in advance

  7. minitokyo~ yup, sure :)

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