Utaban 2009.09.13

Wahahaha… Takki actually gave a piece of “h” underwear to Asami-chan as bday present! And the funniest thing was the way Asami-chan drew it! LOL! Takki was shouting “draw it properly yo!”. Then after that, they had a palm reading session… I was looking at my left hand at the same time, analysing my own palm lol…

Utaban - Takizawa Hideaki and Mizukawa Asami

Takki is the one most popular with girls, and the most ERO one too LOL!! I laughed a lot during this episode! It was so fun, and I love seeing Takki and Asami together~ btw, she’s one who will give luck to the ppl around her (also a moodmaker desu ne), but zannen desu ne… coz apparently, she’s KY! *oops* Just the type of girl that Takki doesn’t like… hmmm…

Actually, my colleagues and I did a bit of palm reading in office few days ago (talk about coincidence) and… my life line is short lol… and after watching this episode, I think… I’m erm, not popular with guys, but not KY, bring luck to people around me, and my “ero line” is quite obvious too *wahahaha*

Okok, back to Utaban! The performance of “Hikari Hitotsu” was so kakkoii! It really feels like Ryuzaki singing, and four tattoo-less Kumakiris backdancing hahaha… But it’s really kakkoii yo~XD I love all the hand grabs~ Ryuzaki daisuki~

Utaban - Hikari Hitotsu - Takizawa Hideaki

LQ, 320×240, 102MB (Talk & Performance)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002

29 Replies to “Utaban 2009.09.13”

  1. thank you! i hope my palm doesn’t say i’m KY ^^ haha

  2. Mich,

    Thanks for such a amazing speed of uploading. BTW, what does “KY” mean? I saw those two alphabets lots of time. Please be so kind to let me know what does “KY”actually mean. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of laughter as usual.

    Pomera, I googled it…KY is kuuki yomenai…can’t read the air or atmosphere. In all of Takki’s interviews regarding girls he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like girls that are KY.

  4. Thanks so much!

    But I have the same question as pomera about KY. I know a couple of meanings, but they don’t fit what you are talking about.

  5. I think KY meamns “Kuuki yomenai” or “can’t read the air.”
    the drawing of the underwear was so funny. he did really gave her the underwear? Takki is sure very unpredictable isnt he.

  6. thanks you so much

  7. yeah, KY is 空気が読めない (kuuki ga yomenai), which are used to refer to ppl who can’t read the atmosphere or situation, eg. saying or doing inappropriate things at the inappropriate time…

  8. Michelle,

    Thanks sharing, i can’t open in “MU”, i don’t know whats problem, but i want to see Takki ne, so can u upload in “MF”? Please help me.

  9. Evapig,
    I suggest you to use ‘Mozilla Firefox’ to view that page and then download… Coz if you are using ‘Windows Internet Explorer’… Most probably you can’t even open that page… I mean ‘MU’…

  10. Thanks a lot!!! Mich san

    I really love this song and want to see live version.

    On PV, Tackey is so kakkoii~~~

  11. i’m uploading to MF now but it’s really really slow at home… i’ll post the link asap~

  12. chanmonkey ,

    i installed Mozilla Firefox la, but can’t to open & DL, is other problems? i always see “This service is temporarily not available from your service area.”…. >_<

  13. Michelle,

    WOO! Thanks a lot r! i waiting for u, very very thanks!

  14. evapig~ i just added both links.
    pls try if they can work? ^^

  15. thanks alot! love u deep deep! *chu*
    dl’ing now.. so far no problem.. ^^

  16. i can download la…thanks all to help me!
    Takki look like so happy, but i don’t understand…
    and this song is so great! I like it! ^0^

  17. I really want to say thanks for everyone above. Now I know what does “KY” means. At first, I thought it’s a English slang.

    p.s. I heard the girl already got a boyfriend. (She’s a KY anyway!) I hope one day Takki will find a girl of his own.

    Thanks again to Mich for your kindness in sharing with us.

  18. Evapig,
    Yeah, sometimes it’s like that, “This service is temporarily not available from your service area”, you can choose another time, coz I have also met this problem…
    Um… I want to ask you… Are you a cantonese?… I saw you love putting “la”, “r” at the end of your sentences…

  19. hi.. first of all thanks for sharing this video to us.. even though i don’t understand it seems has a lot fun..

    I just want to ask if it is possible share your download links? and are you also going to sub this episode? or is it okay to get help from other subbing team using your video if possible. I’ll make sure to credit your site..

    Thanks again for all the updates and videos.. and i’ll wait for your reply..

  20. chanmonkey…

    u r so intelligent! yup, i come from HK! hehe…
    Sorry for my grama may not correct coz my english is not very well, Pls understand la…

  21. minitokyo~ sorry for the late reply. you may share the download links but pls lemme know where u’ll be posting them :)

    and yes, we’ll be subbing this ~XD

  22. No worries…

    I was about to ask other subbing team to sub this video using your video. But since you are going to do it, I think it is not necessary anymore.

    BTW, when are you going to release the subbed version? and I will patiently wait for it… Thanks in advance.

  23. Evapig,
    Of coz I know that… Coz I ‘m also a cantonese… I’m from Macau… Just next to you… Haha… Glad to know you here… Coz both of us are Tackey’s fans… And I can find one from HK where is quite near to my “home”… The feeling is so nice, you know… ^^

  24. minitokyo~ we’re working on it now :)

  25. Thanks for this clip, Mich!

  26. Thanks for the heads up on the subbing..I’ll wait & grab that one :) Thanks for providing us with all the goodies ^^

  27. thanks for this clip :D Btw I am new here. Nice to meet you out there!! Evapig, chanmoneky, I am canto too ah~

  28. michelle… thanks so much…i’m excited on the subbed video…

    off topic: do you have an idea if T&T will release at least a single this year… I really miss their duo

  29. a lot of thanks for this video >-<

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