“Hikari Hitotsu” CM

I didn’t see the presscon for Kakumei on TBS, but while I was channel surfing, I suddenly heard a familar “anta wa… ore ni nani wo shite kureru”. Kyaaaa~ It was the Dwango 15s CM for “Hikari Hitotsu” :)

More tidbits:

1) “Hikari Hitotsu” took the #1 spot on the USEN Request Charts (J-Pop) for 9/9!

2) The “Hikari Hitotsu” PV was aired on Space Shower TV this early morning.

3) Takki will appear on the 9/13 episode of Utaban!

Update: Kyaa~~ you can watch the full PV at Love’s blog!!

5 Replies to ““Hikari Hitotsu” CM”

  1. thanks for the upload ^^..soo kakkoiii XD can’t wait to see the full PV >__<

  2. The version PV which releases sees quickly
    9/13 Utaban!..+_+

  3. Utaban=hadaka Takki! :)

  4. Thanks for the brief upload.

    I am like suki, looking forward to Utaban for a hadaka Takki!

  5. watching PV at the marchlaver’s site…cant have enough of it. It’s so cool

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