10 Replies to ““Hikari Hitotsu” PV”

  1. Kakkoii ~~~ ♥
    Kakkoii ~~~ ♥
    Kakkoii ~~~ ♥
    Love it! Honto ni kakkoii~~ *dies*

  2. *flails*

    He looks soooo young in some scenes that were filmed for the PV only. My first thought was “Hikaru?” But then I remembered that that was 11? years ago _._

  3. Is this the music clip version?… Or just the drama clip version?… Coz if this’s a music clip version… It seems that there’re too many drama scenes… This PV gives me a feeling of Kiseki and… Forgot the name… is that “x~Dame”?… Love this song…

  4. KYAAAAAA!!! ~~~~Chou Kakkoii~~~
    Tackey ♥ 竜崎
    Thanks mich

  5. This also gave me a feeling of Kiseki. Not so much the music as it was reminiscent of the Kiseki PV that came with the movie.

    It is kakkoii indeed!

  6. Kakkoii! &hearts &hearts
    That’s my favorite of his solo PVs yet!
    VERY cool. XD

  7. Pretty Awesome!!Pretty Kakkoi~
    Love it! Love it! love it!

    so very much cool!!!!

  9. takki is devil so very smart .

  10. Been looking all over for this particular video, is there any way download this?

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