Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.03.04

This episode of Zubari – the last guest for the ‘unmei’ segment. I really love what Tono was wearing, and although he laughed a lot (the guest was quite funny~ I really *lol*-ed at her reaction when she said that “futari de nuide” comment), he looked really really tired ne… :( especially felt so after watching the 2005 flashbacks, and comparing how much ‘fleshier’ he was then. Somebody please feed him more food…


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Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.03.04

11 thoughts on “Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.03.04

  1. omg, i was cracking up when Midori-san talked about peeing like her brothers when she was younger XDD and Takki’s reaction when she described her daughter’s boobies as aoringo’s *LOLL*

    but yappari, his look was really clean and simple yet stylish ^^ sonna Takki ga suki da yo ne~~

  2. he really need to eat ne~ and something to his eyes too it looks swollen? or it’d just my eyes ~~
    and that flash back ‘pinku takki’ so cute he looks so young~ may b he should do that hair again sometime soon^^ mitai^^

    yay u got yr calendar already~ havt recive mine so i wont spoil it will read that post after ne~~ dokidokiiii

    (nothing related to this post but ~i watch ‘so you think you can dance’ rerun today and i just want tsubasa to b in the show too haha~
    just cant wait for the DVD~~

  3. OMG~ i can’t wait anymore~ but when will 2nd file get normal? It’s still “temporarily unavailable” T__T
    your comments make me wanna cry! :((
    anyway, thanks for your uploads :X

  4. yea, i know :( but i’ll need time to find my file… sorry… once i have time, i’ll try to find and re-upload all the problematic files on this site.

  5. I see that there are kinda many files that don’t work right now, so if you ever have the time then could you please try doing something to it? you don’t have to hurry, but as soon as possible would be nice =)
    thank you for uploading all these stuff about takkii which I can’t find anywhere else ^^

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