Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.03.11 (Final Episode)

Final episode of Zubari desu. There were flashbacks of various episodes over the past 3 years and 7 months. Kinda sad… gonna miss all these cute moments:


Then they each said their final messages, and they had a last hanamichi for Kazuchan. Takki and Kazuchan held hands, and at the end, all four hosts received flowers. Takki looked quite shocked that he also had flowers lol


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (397.96MB)


Now for the new bangumi on 4/15 ^o^

11 Replies to “Zubari Iu Wa Yo! 2008.03.11 (Final Episode)”

  1. Arigatou ne for uploading!
    (T__T) I just finished it and I actually teared up a little….still can’t believe it’s over.
    4/15 will come soon though.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  2. お疲れ様でした!thanks a lot for your UL!!
    Finally it’s over! oh~
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new 番組。

  3. mich, thank you and Otukare-chan deshita!

  4. Mich….thanks for the UL……It’s kinda sad…..but I love the flowers towards the end……and what was that about a girl who was crying and got a hug from Kasuko? Takki was even staring at her closely….what a lucky girl……

  5. I’m thanking you now even tho I haven’t begun the download much less watched it :p I’ll be back for it & I truly appreciate that you have this final episode & are sharing it with us.

  6. Aawwww…arigatou ne for this final clip. I’m surely gonna miss seeing this show now. ~_~ Too bad…*sad* Thank you sooo much for posting/sharing this clip (and all the Zubari epis on ur site) I’m gonna grab whatever’s left I don’t have to my collection, if you don’t mind. XDD

  7. arigato na….
    i will missed this show and takki also T___T

  8. I read somewhere that Takki will be hosting a new Tv variety show with his 2 male co-hosts from Zubari, to start on Saturdays in April. I cannot find the site again. He will also apparently do a radio show, also on saturday nights. I presume on or both will be taped, given his concert schedule?
    Do you know anything about this?

  9. simone~ takki’s new show with creamstew will start 4/15, called ogosho! japan, and it’s every tuesday night. from what i know he only has one radio show now, and it started last yr on 6th october, every sat night, called takizawa denpajou.

  10. Thanks for the info. I was confused!

  11. although he was 26 at that time

    still look so cute all the time

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