[Subs] [Drama SP] Akutou

Omatase shimashita! Actually I could have gotten this up earlier if VD didn’t die on me lol. Thanks so much to Marie for helping with the translations, and to Bon-chan for helping with the edit! Hope you’ll enjoy the drama XD

悪党 Akutou (Villain)
With English Subtitles
Fuji TV Friday Prestige Special Project (Drama SP)
O/A: 30 November 2012 (Rating: 13.1%)
Duration: 1hr 35mins 44s

Saeki Shuichi is a private detective at Hope Detective Agency. Fifteen years ago on the day of his 15th birthday, Saeki’s older sister, Yukari, was returning home with a cake for him when she was raped and murdered. Although years have passed, his deep hatred towards her attackers hasn’t faded in the slightest. Using his skills as a detective, he searches relentlessly for the culprits. As the fire of hatred inside him begins to slip out of his control, Saeki swears to himself, “I want to kill your soul. I will be the villain (this time)”.

MF (848×480, MP4/x264, 631MB)
*re-uploaded on 30 Aug 2015

As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. Thank you very much.

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  1. pls help I’m trying to register on the site to DL this dorama but I keep getting a wrong captcha report…pls help

    1. hi jen, if i remember correctly, there’s a “code” field above the captcha that’s a little confusing. you should be entering your answer ‘beside’ the image instead of above. hope i’m making sense… otherwise, pls lemme know, i see what i can do.

  2. HELP
    i can’t download, i says This file is available for Premium Users only.

    1. oh, gomen~ can you try again? the ‘premium only’ button was accidentally checked just now.

  3. I’m downloading the file on free download for the last 30 mins will report later how it turned out…thanks for the subbed version

  4. thanks for subbing this SP

  5. Yeah thanks! I’ll dl it tonight. I hope it work on my mac

  6. thank you so much for subbing this.
    i have downloaded it.
    have a nice day.

  7. Thank you so much for the subs)

  8. Thank you so much for subbing this!!!

  9. Thanks so much for the subs ~ it is much appreciated!!!

  10. Mich, Marie, Bon-chan, thanks so very much for the subs! I had not dared hope for them so soon.

    This said, I loathe that NosuUpload…. between the ads, and the slowness… but I am truly grateful and shouldn’t complain! I understand it is hard to find a decent site that doesn’t suddenly suspend you.

  11. I appreciate this so much guys, I was dying to have the drama with subs, thank you very much for your hard work .!!! I’m downloading it now!!!

  12. The subs were wonderful and the dorama was just fantastic! Thank you, thank you so much to all the people who worked on this dorama…

  13. Thank you a lot!

  14. OMG..
    I just started my weekend a little bit early this week ( as my class been cancel today) this news is really are the best way to start my weekends.
    SSankyuu alot..

  15. Thank you Mich and the team!!!
    Been waiting for this drama with sub. ^ v ^

  16. Thank you so much!

  17. Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this so much! And I didn’t expect you to sub it so fast – you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your hard work! (This is going to be a good Takki-year, right? :D)

  18. woooooo! thank you!!!

  19. Thank you so much to Mich and the team. XD Appreciate all the hard work and effort in getting this drama out right away. Didn’t realize the subs would be so quick; I assumed a much later date in the new year.

    Can’t wait to start watching, now that I’ll have a better understanding of the drama w/the subbing. :)

    Thanks, once again!

  20. thank you Mich XD

  21. Thank you so much for subbing!

  22. thanks for the subbing, but unfortunately I find this web just now. I already have the video, can I get the hardsubbed?

    1. i’m sorry, we do not provide softsubs at the moment.

  23. >< I can't download this and I just don't get why it doesn't work…

  24. I can’t download, I’ve tried for a few days already and it just doesn’t work for me. Can you please upload it to another site? I really want to watch this special.

  25. MF mirror added :) let’s pray nothing gets removed.

  26. Thank you so much!~ mf links are working fine :)

  27. Hi mich ive been trying for days to download the drama Akutou sp The frist DL link try’s to make me download Livid toolbar ,I did and it still didnt work. I uninstall the bar lol and tried the other link the MF mirror one and it didnt work. Do you have a medifire link for the drama like you have for his journey? That one works for me.

    1. hi giagian, the MF link is from the same a/c as the one for the journey. have u downloaded all 4 MF files and joined them?

      as for the first link to NOS, you should be clicking bottom right most orange download button. there shouldn’t be a need to download any toolbar…

  28. Lol I dont know how to join files. The Takki’s journey MF link worked for me without having to join files.
    The frist DL link still won’t let me download the file. Thank you anyway for trying to help.

    1. please use hjsplit to join the files.

  29. thank you so much for the MF mirrors!
    however, the first part is no longer available, so would you be so kind to re-upload it? please? thanks in advance! :)

    1. i just realised MF has blocked all the .001 files. sigh… i’ll upload the first part somewhere… lemme figure it out, will get back to you asap.

      1. done! MEGA mirror added for part 1. hope you’re able to download.

      2. ah, I managed to download from MF link. movie looks great & the sub is beautiful! thank you so much (again) for responding so soon!

  30. Thanks do much for the subs! But is there any way to get an alternate link for the #1 file that’s not Mega? it only works with Chrome or if you download software on Firefox and I’m not allowed either on the computer I’m on. Sorry to ask…but I really want to watch the drama…

  31. Thank you for subbing :)

  32. Thank you very much for your hard work. Your effort is highly appreciated. XDDDD

  33. I can’t download it from MF it says that I have to get premium account to download it..And for Nosupload, the file was not found.. Could you help me please?? really wanna watch this SP >.<
    Anyway thanks for subbing this SP :D

    1. Hi Paula, the MF links should work for non premium accounts. Could you let me know which link you tried? Does the mega link (for part 001) work for you?

  34. I can’t download the part 1 from mediafire and for the mega link it’s always stop in the middle of downloading process..
    Can you help me please? I’m sorry for bothering you

    1. i’ve added a ZS mirror for part 1. hope it helps!

  35. That’s really help !!! Ooh thank you so much Mich, you’re the best :D
    Can’t wait to watch it ^^

    1. you’re welcome! hope you enjoy the show :)

  36. koreandramafan says: Reply

    :'( don’t suppose i could have the soft english subs as I’d downloaded the raw video file some time back :'(

  37. i’ve just finished watching Akotou, picture is very clear with detailed subs. thank you so so much for your unbelievable generosity. really thank you. and i promise i will never upload it anywhere.
    now i’m going to try to download j’s journey and mayonaka. thank you.

  38. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

  39. Thanks I didn’t see this drama yet, but it sound reall y interesting

  40. Just drop in to express my thanks for your great effort to spread the love for this gorgeous, wonderful man.
    I would never get to watch this if not for your generosity. And that would be a loss, because imho this is the best performance I’ve seen of Tackey. Ofc, he’s quite a good actor, but his performance was just flawless in this movie, he totally blew me away. This movie proves that with an excellent writing, great camera work and strong cast can be as good or even better than higher budgeted movies.
    I’ll recommend this one to people who don’t know him and doubt Tackey’s acting skill.

  41. I finally found this page that I could catch Takki-san’s drama/movie and hopefully dramas/movies past and present!

    Thanks so much to the person/s who took precious time to dedicate these awesome uploads for fans’ viewing.


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