[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 10 & 11 – 2013.03.11 & 2013.03.18

Omatase! Here is a double release once again. I’ll start on the last episode after posting this, and hope to release it within the week. Thanks so much to Marie again for the translations!

J’s Journey #10 (2013.03.11)
With English subtitles
Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich
Duration: 22min 30s


DL (720×406, mp4/h264, 172.07mb)

J’s Journey #11 (2013.03.18)
With English subtitles
Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich
Duration: 22min 29s


DL (720×406, mp4/h264, 171.84mb)

As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. Thank you very much.

26 Replies to “[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 10 & 11 – 2013.03.11 & 2013.03.18”

  1. Subarashii……………………

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. thanks so much, ps: he’s drinking Peruvian beer Cristal

  4. thank you

  5. I’ve been waiting for this!
    Thank you~!! <3

  6. where can i download the previous chaps, specially chap 9??

  7. Although I watch unsubbed when I have to, but I still prefer subs so I was waiting for this. I got my DVDs last week but I don’t wanna watch the extras or try to read the diary till I’ve finished watching these episodes first, so thank you and I’m waiting for the last one (^_^)

  8. Thank you greatly for these wonderful translations.

    Amusingly, the subtitles for the last half of Episode 11 after the sight of the Nasca lines made him feel “turned on” became strikingly Freudian when read as typical American English. While perhaps unintentional, it’s actually fittingly and brilliantly hilarious all the way to the end with the gambatte for the final “spurt”–he does use that word!–and it makes us love Tackey even more!

  9. Hey..

    Taking both! Looking forward to the last one! Thanks for your hard work!

  10. Hikaru Hito, I tried Cristal recently and loved it! XD

    Sesslove, LOL! They do always use “last spurt” ne haha~

  11. whauuuuu nice! admin, but where did you try it??? o.O?

  12. Ah I ordered it at World Beer Museum at Tokyo Skytree a couple of months back :D

  13. ohhhh sugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *.*, but next time try, if they sells, cuzqueña peruvian beer, it tastes better in my opinion ;)

  14. ah sou ka… though the only peruvian beer they had was cristal XD

  15. Thank you for subbing! What’s the “theme” song that is always being played?

    1. hi, it’s “locked out of heaven” by bruno mars :)

      1. Thanks!

        1. also “young girls – bruno mars” ;)

  16. Thank you !!!

  17. Thank you so much!~

  18. Thank you for subbing this journey.

  19. hello mitch or admin :)
    it’s been years not into Takki’s world, i go to this site again n download all these journey vid n what’s most made me happy, it’s subs!!! much much ty for that *bow*
    anyway, i got curious with the song while Takki’s first time watched alpaca at the lodge before he continue his journey to Nasca…is anybody knew what the song was?
    once again, ty in advance :)

    1. hi tammi, i’m not sure what song that is, sorry~~

      1. oh well…nvm, gonna digging up much more from my music source :D
        thx anyway, Mich ;)

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