[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 8 – 2013.02.25

滝沢くん、31歳お誕生日おめでとう〜! Happy 31st Birthday, Tono! そして、Happy 329 to all Takki fans!! To celebrate this occasion, here’s the release of episode 8 :)

J’s Journey #8 (2013.02.25)
With English subtitles
Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich
Duration: 22min 29s


DL (720×406, mp4/h264, 182.17mb)

Sorry I’ve been really busy recently and couldn’t finish this earlier, but hope you guys enjoy this on this special day! As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. Thank you very much.

11 Replies to “[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 8 – 2013.02.25”

  1. Thank you! And Happy Birthday Tono!

  2. Domou arigatou!
    滝沢 秀明さん、 お誕生日おめでとうございます!!!!

  3. お誕生日おめでとう takki tono.

  4. Thanks so much Mich and Marie!

    And of course Happy Birthday Tono!

  5. Thank you very much I love this show too sad that it is already finished.

    And a very Happy Birthday to Tono of course^^

  6. Thanks for this. And I feel so bad, because it weren’t for a friend I’d would have forgotten Takki’s b-day.

  7. Thank you !!!

  8. ciresjaponez says: Reply

    Thank you to all that make passible to see this documentary!
    I like so much Takizawa’s trip in Peru an Chile.
    It was interesting and I enjoyed a lot the beautiful sceneries.
    Arigato gozaimasu!

  9. i’m single …… thank you …… :)

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