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[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03

Here are english subs for just the talk segment of Music Japan on 3rd May. 2 versions to choose from.

Music Japan, 3rd May 2009
Takizawa Hideaki – “Shalala” Promo
Duration: 2min 02s
Subbed by Mich & Bon

Music Japan 20090503 Tackey Subs

360p (44.01mb) or 720p (106.86mb) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Thanks, nyanco, for helping with some of the words. And thanks, love, for the HD raw file.

[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03

13 thoughts on “[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03

  1. thanks for subbing this ..he is so funny , didnt know he love nattou that much, his smile is addicted

  2. Thanks nyanco & Mich for this clip in Engl. subs and thanks marchlavender for the HD raw clips too. @_@ Now to see him in high-DEF… *.*

  3. Thank you so much for subbing all these vid I’ve just found your Lj and what you are doing is awesome thanks for sharing XD

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