[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03

Here are english subs for just the talk segment of Music Japan on 3rd May. 2 versions to choose from.

Music Japan, 3rd May 2009
Takizawa Hideaki – “Shalala” Promo
Duration: 2min 02s
Subbed by Mich & Bon

Music Japan 20090503 Tackey Subs

360p (44.01mb) or 720p (106.86mb) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Thanks, nyanco, for helping with some of the words. And thanks, love, for the HD raw file.

13 Replies to “[Subs] Music Japan 2009.05.03”

  1. thank you for sharing…^^

  2. thanks for subbing this ..he is so funny , didnt know he love nattou that much, his smile is addicted

  3. Thanks mich! I grabbed the HD one in case my comp could handle it :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Bon and Mich. You girls are wonderful.

  5. Thanks nyanco & Mich for this clip in Engl. subs and thanks marchlavender for the HD raw clips too. @_@ Now to see him in high-DEF… *.*

  6. thanks a lot for this!!

  7. Thanks mich

  8. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for sharing these files.

  9. Thanks for sharing in 2 sizes – taking smaller one.

  10. newsvsyamapi says: Reply

    Thank you so much for subbing all these vid I’ve just found your Lj and what you are doing is awesome thanks for sharing XD

  11. Wooow tanks so much for subbing all the videos, I laughed a lot with this XD

  12. can u reupload this video?thanks ^^
    please let me know if u reupload it~

  13. dl link has been updated :)

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