[Subs] Osama no Brunch 2009.09.19

Sorry, I don’t have Photoshop on this comp, so I couldn’t do my usual preview image. It’s a short clip, but I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Osama no Brunch, 19th September 2009
“Orthros no Inu” Takizawa Hideaki VTR
Subtitles: English
Duration: 2mins 12s
File info: 704×480, avi

About this clip: Takki talks about Nishikido Ryo :)

King’s Brunch 2009.09.19 Takizawa Hideaki VTR

DL (14.40MB) *updated 1 Feb, 2015

Thanks to Ran for allowing me to use & edit her raw file~XD

8 Replies to “[Subs] Osama no Brunch 2009.09.19”

  1. Arigatou, Michelle~
    By the way I want to ask when will the うたばん of 9/13 and Music Station of 9/25 be ok?… I mean the HQ ones with subtitle… Coz actually I am still waiting for that 2 clips…

  2. chanmonkey~ we’re still looking for a clear raw for utaban. a pity, those we found were either low quality, not the complete clip, or sharing isn’t allowed… as for msute, i’m not sure if we’ll be subbing that yet. but i’ve posted an MQ raw for download here.

  3. Oh, thank you very much! Looking at Takki is always a pleasure! <3

  4. Thanks for subbing and sharing.

  5. Thanks for this clip!

  6. Hi mich,
    Thanks a lot for the subtitles!!
    And, is it OK to share your work with other takki fans by reuploading this video and post it on the BBS?
    The BBS is setted up by some Chinese mainland girls in 2004 and now it is the biggest home for Chinese takki fans. http://bbs.takkipond.com/index.php
    We will noted your credit about this vedio. If you don’t mind please tell me, thank you very mcuh!

  7. pumpkin860~ yes, u may share it at takkipond. but is it ok that this is english subtitles?

  8. mich~
    eng-sub is absolutely fine!!
    thank you for your kind!!

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