[Subs] Sakurai and Ariyoshi’s The Yakai 2016.07.14

This is the first time in 13 years that Takki and Sakurai appear on the same program. Apparently there have been rumours that the two do not get along since their Jr. days. In this clip, they go on a ‘forbidden’ location shoot in Ebisu…and the truth about their 20-year-old “feud” will be revealed.


English subtitles, 36min 57s
Download @ MF (355mb)

[Subs] Sakurai and Ariyoshi’s The Yakai 2016.07.14

25 thoughts on “[Subs] Sakurai and Ariyoshi’s The Yakai 2016.07.14

  1. Personally, I think having Sho-kun making this tv show is a waste of talent but for the first time I’ve enjoyed “Abunai Yakai/The Yakai”. Glad they allowed themselves to open up. Great job! thanks a lot for subbing.

  2. Thank you for subbing!! I hope you’ll sub the ep with KenTackey too!!! Another TackeyxSho moment there that shouldn’t be missed!! Again thank you!! <3

  3. Thank you so much for subbing this. I was squeeing throughout the whole thing while watching. Takki is just so sweet! <3

  4. I had no idea of a “feud” between Sho and Tackey!! As a mostly Arashi’s fan, I know very little about other Johnny’s. Of course, the little I know about Tackey made me love him, so it was weird all this rumor… Ariyoshi was always a mad hatter, but seems that this time he hit a nerve! That makes me wonder if he is aso right about Jun ans Sho..
    Thank you so much for subbing and sharing!!!

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