[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Andalucia

Shounen Club Premium, 20th January 2008. Part #2.
Takizawa Hideaki interview + Andalucia ni akogarete (Tsubasa)
VTR comment: Ikuta Toma (Johnnys Jr)
Subtitles: English
Duration: 12mins 02s


Download MEGA (93.13MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

This is the continuation from Part 1. As usual, please do not re-upload the file elsewhere without permission. If needed, just drop me a comment or email :) Please, however, feel free to direct people over to this post. The permalink is in the title of the post.

[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Andalucia

26 thoughts on “[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Andalucia

  1. ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh hiiiiiii mich how r u???
    thanxxxxxxxxxxxx for this subs video…..i love it^__^
    i hope u sud the rest of this scp…@___@;;; plezzzzzz
    hehehe i love tsubasa song,,,,and his dance so hotto~
    lolol ,,,arigatou~~!!
    see u *hugs*
    rasha xxx

  2. wops~~~
    i hope u subs* the rest of this scp…*gomen* -_-;;;
    lololol,,,,thanxxx ohh here is my e-mail on g-mail if u wanna add me….>>>{ rasha.tsubasa@gmail.com }…
    i hope u add me …plezzzzz i have reiko there in
    google massenger!!~ she is my best friend….^___*
    see u sooooooon …
    bye xx

  3. wdooowww!!!michelle!

    no longer it decided to me that you were subtitling it. domoo arigatoo.
    The unloadings are accumulated to me.
    that desire to see it.

  4. uwaaaahh…Miiich!! I’ve waiting for someone to sub this SC vid clip. XDD *hugs* Thaaanks for all your work in translating…sugoiii~ Btw, will you be subbing the rest of it too because, I’m sooo curious…thanks~XDD

  5. (sorry for having to comment something different here)

    Omgosh, I sooooo wish to see Enbujo 2008 now.

    During my ‘jaunt’ to Las Vegas to see MatsuJun in person the other day, I met another fangal (she likes Arashi actually but she’s been to T&T’s Nat’l Tour con w/her mother & to see Takizawa Enbujo 2007 as well) from Japan and she’s going back to Japan to live for good. *kyaaaaaaaa* We swapped emails and she told me if I wanted get tkts, she can get them 4 me. She & her mother both belong to the FC club. ^_^ (and, her mother told me I’m welcomed to stay at their house too if I go & visit Japan; they live in Tokyo) XDDD

    Now, if only what to say to my hubby…lolol :P

    But, kyaaaaaaaaa~ those screenies (Mezamashi & Zoomin) of him…*dies* Tho, didn’t he looked like he had no cheeks? *so sad* I heard that he looks somewhat ‘lack of sleep’ and kinda pale-skinned in the photos. -_-

  6. oh. my. god, Reiko.

    seriously, u really dont have to tell the WHOLE WORLD about ur ‘jaunt’. i dont even think people here CARE. cause…this is Mich’s TAKKI site afterall?? i mean u ranted about it at ur own blog and at the forum? shouldnt that be more than enough?

    and i find it hilarious that u and Rasha had to leave TWO comments each…

  7. thanks for subbing this^^
    dokidoki ~ wanna d/l it now but i hv nihongo exam 2morrow and it’s almost 1am now *try to b patient*
    and i hvnt finish reading *sleepy everytime i hv an exam ^^
    anyway thank you^^ sub-shite kurete arigatou ^^”

  8. Michelle and nyanco!

    Thank you so much for doing more of this. I am loving all your subbing. Omedetou. Excellent job! Gambatte Takki-us fansubs. Reiko: so excited for you to have a chance to ballot of Takki Ticks!

  9. Bonnie, if you dun like it…then that’s too bad becuz I was jus mearely stating what I wanted to say and how I was feeling. (whether it b on someone else’s blog or not) I dun mean to sound ‘mean’ but…maybe just ignore my readings.

    And btw, didn’t realize you knew I ranted about it on my blog. (didn’t realize you actually go there) I’ve missed hearing from you…a really long time, and just thought you never really cared. (you pro’lly don’t) So…sorry if I may have offended you or anyone else on here about it. =_= Mybad. Geez…can anyone ‘lighten up’ a little? -_- Jus wanted so ‘share in’ my feelings, that’s all.

  10. um, thats exactly the point? its SOMEONE ELSE’s blog. sharing ur comment about the post is totally fine. but its not cool that u have to keep repeating urself/ur message in Mich’s or anybody else’s comment box. u can ‘share ur feelings’ or rant all u want in ur own blog or in ur own forum thread. I’m just saying.

    And u’re right. I dont think i can care less (i thought we ended this in my last long email to u?). but when i have time, i surf.

  11. minasan~ douitashimashite (^^ )v *takes diamonds and spreads the love further* still many projects left to take on, so… ganbarimassuuuuu~~xD

    reiko-chan~ i think it’s fine to share ur feelings and views, but there’s no need to post the same comment twice in two different posts yo~ like u’ve already posted ur comment there so there’s no need to post the same thing here 3 mins later? also, it’s funny that u had asked me if you could save my header to your computer, and yet didn’t ask if you could post up my dvd descriptions on ur blog. one look and i know i had written that. not that i really mind, but it might mislead ppl when u stated that those are “info taken from cdjapan”. coz that description is actually translated mainly from shinseido, with bits from cdjapan. juz thot i’d bring this up ne…

    otherwise, yup, i hope you’ve enjoyed the subs~ and yes, since i’ve already posted up parts 1 & 2, i definitely would also be posting up part 3 too~ probably in the next couple of days? xD ditto to rasha~ mattekudasai :D

  12. ah…i’m terribly sorry ne, Michelle,about the dvd thing but…I really did go to cdjapan’s site & saved the pic of the Yukichan dvd box set from their site, not yours. -_-

    Maybe the dvd descriptions only seemed like it was taken from yours, all at the same time, but it’s true…it wasn’t. I wanted to do the same thing like everyone else and do a posting about buying the stuff; that’s all.

    Yes, I’ve enjoyed the subs you’ve done. XDD Ohhh great then that you’ll post Part 3 too.

    And to you, Mich…sorry I had to post about ‘my jaunt’ twice on here…mybad. -_-

    And as for Bonnie, I don’t think you realize this but, after that letter you’ve written me, my feelings were very much hurt. And to hear you bring it up again, that you don’t care anymore, hurts even more. Sorry to have to bring this about on Mich’s site but, I guess everyone was bottled up inside until now about my feelings. I hope you know I still care a lot about you, even though you may not anymore. But, feelings have been hurt badly, yes they have…not only me, and I know I’ve hurt you too…believe me. More than you’ll ever know. I was really hoping to patch things up a little (just a little…) and was hoping to come around with things and start anew. Please, please rethink things over between us, okay? I want our friendship back…maybe not the way it was b4, but…it’s a start, can’t it? Believe me or not, I really DO care a lot about you still. -_- I hope you’ll just plez reconsider.

  13. reiko-chan~ i’m not talking abt yukichan dvd pic, nor am I refering to the yukichan dvd info. i’m talking about the T&T premium live dvds yo!!!!!! (汗)

  14. Reiko, i wont bite unless i’ve been bitten first.

    if ur feelings were hurt, thats really ur problem and not mine. this wouldnt have happened if u hadnt decided to lie to me. That was ur own damn fault, so dont blame ur hurt or ‘the things between us’ BS on me.

    The others were probably nice and tolerant enough to forgive u, but know that i have my own tolerance levels. and the minute u pulled that [I’m sorry, Sis. i got caught up in the moment] shit on me, u totally blew it. (AND I’M NOT UR SIS so dont ever call me that)

    Dont pretend u kno or understand my feelings either. But just to make it clear, i felt a loss of trust, not hurt. if u really cared about my feelings, u wouldnt have gone telling people that i owed u money (the huge amount of $change that i had left due to YOUR decision to send me twice the amount of money i needed for ur merchandise – even after i told u not to do so.)

    sorry, but i absolutely hate being lied to. so no, i will not reconsider anything. and as far as i’m concerned, this conversation is over.

  15. Thanks, Michelle, for your hard work.

    Maybe Reiko and bon-chan could keep their personal disputes to their personal emails or blogs, rather than occupying so much space on Michelle’s site.

  16. thank you so much!
    it’s always fun to know more about him and his stories. Feel like you are more connected with him. ^ ^

  17. This was so sentimental I nearly cried. Tackey is such a haard worker. He’s great.

    Of course, thank you guys for your hard work in subbing!

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