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[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Daydreamer

Shounen Club Premium, 20th January 2008. Part #3 (Final).
Takizawa Hideaki interview + Daydreamer (Tackey & Tsubasa)
VTR comment: Yabu & Hikaru (Hey!Say!Jump)
Subtitles: English
Duration: 7mins 42s


Download MEGA (82.05MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

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Finally it’s completed!! Really HUGE thanks to nyanco for her help, and goro-chan for the lyrics. As usual, please do not re-post. That’s all~ Please enjoy the clip! ^^

[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Daydreamer

26 thoughts on “[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Daydreamer

  1. Omgosh, I’m soo happy…I’ve been wanting to see this w/subs now. *hugs* Thaanks, Mich, for all your work & help into this. XDD You did a superb job! *hi-5s*

  2. thanks for the sub. He’s such a nice senpai to the Juniors. Hope next time T&T will be on this show together like Kinki Kids ^^

  3. ahh :) thanks so much! is it all right to ask for alternate links? megaupload wont work on my computer and ive been wanting to watch this.. :D

  4. Wow……takki is really so impressive……..no wonder most of the juniors have a great respect on hm…….

  5. Thank you for the subs Michelle! That reminds me I haven’t downloaded the performance either~ I’ll check that tomorrow :3

  6. hi there!
    sorry to bother, i just wanted to request if it would be possible to have this episode of tackey in shounen premium uploaded in mediafire? i have been looking forward to watching this for so long. one thing i can say about tackey and SCP, he always has really good performances in this show. i hope you can consider my request, thank you so much!

  7. oops…
    Thank you so much for all the subbed interviews. I seriously heart the goofy Takki in talk shows I’ve been downloading. But after watching the serious Takki in these SCP interviews, I seriously love and respect Takki.

  8. I would love to get this uploaded again. I haven’t seen it so far and would like to know more about these SCP interviews :(

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