[Subs] [Drama SP] Kimi ga kureta Natsu

Yatta!! I’ve completed this project!!!! I owe a lot to Nyanco who helped me loads with the translations!! *hugs* This is my biggest project so far, and I’m happy to present Kimi ga kureta Natsu with English subtitles.

Kimi ga kureta Natsu / The summer you gave me

24hr TV Drama SP (18 August 2007)
Rating: 23.3%
Duration: 1hr 41mins 02s
Subtitles: English


DL @ MF (704×396, MP4, 702MB)
*re-uploaded on 17 January, 2018

I’ve always felt that it’s not easy to capture the audiences’ hearts with something as short as a movie or drama SP, but this one has done just that. Anyway, as I spent loads of time researching wikis and dictionaries, I’d appreciate it if this file is not re-uploaded anywhere without my permission. Please feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post :)

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  1. i downloaded the files from media fire…but its *.us file how do i play it?? window media player wont work…pl z help:)

  2. i downloaded the files from mediafire…but its *.us file how do i play it?? window media player wont work…plz help:)

  3. ohhhh…have to use hjsplit!! ok got it now :)

  4. Hi. I downloaded via MF but window media player can’t play the file. Does anyone knows how to play the files? Thanks

  5. hi, u got to join all 9 files using hjsplit.

  6. Oh okay. Then do you know where to find hjsplit? Sorry cause i’m kinda nerd when it comes to computer stuffs.

  7. chinchin88~ u can download hjsplit from http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/ – it’s a useful tool to have~ if u have any prolems, do lemme noe :)

  8. canary28185 says: Reply

    Hi, I wonder if I can ask for softsub?

    I want to translate it to Vietnamese

  9. canary28185 says: Reply

    I have just finished the drama

    Takki’s acting is so good *clapping*

    I cried in the end *sobbing* Poor Nao! He is such a good and strong-willed boy…
    It is lucky to have a son like him :x

  10. hmm.. I downloaded the file and joined it. But I can’t play the video. Is there something wrong?

  11. Okay. I figured it out already. Thanks michelle for the help. =)

  12. searching over the web about this drama. and i fin’lly ended up here… thanks for sharing :) can’t wait to watch it.

  13. why i can’t download this drama? it always has an error everytime I’m trying to watch it, please anyone of you will you help me!!!!!!!!!! i really really want to watch this drama, i just want to ask what did you do, in order to download it properly? please help me!!!!!!!! thank you very much!!!!!!!!

  14. eiyuu~ have you downloaded all 9 parts of the file (from 001 to 009), then use hjsplit to join them? if u still have problems, please let me know.

  15. aaahhhh i see, now i know.ok i will first download all the 9 episodes, then i will use the hjsplit. if ever i encounter some problems, i will ask for your help again. thank you so much thank you for your kind assistance, GOD BLESS MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. arigatouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    seems like so fun coming to this place..
    i’ll treasure this..

  17. thanks alot for uploading and subs ~!
    i haf been looking for so long ~!

    really appreciate ~

    i am gng to get ready my tissue papers and cry~!!

  18. Thank you so much for subbing this special. I love Kyoko! :)

  19. ah, thank you so much for this! it looks really good! im really excited!

  20. arigatou…. i heard about this movie long back time ago that i almost forget that!! so, i’m really happy find this movie here, and subbed!! uwaaaa…. i do appreciate this…. v(‘-‘)v

  21. michelle, i wonder why i can’t watch the whole kimi ga kureta natsu, i already joined it using hjsplit, but it always ends up when takizawa and the other 2 guys playing pachinko, please help me!!! i really really want to watch this drama! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!

  22. eiyuu~ i dunno why u can’t watch it ne… seems to be working fine. not sure if the others are having the same problem… or, maybe u can try watching it with another player? have u checked ur file size? is it about 888mb? (another reason might be that one of the files aren’t fully downloaded, so it’s not accurate after joining them…) lemme noe how it goes k! ^^

  23. To eiyuu, Technique problem again…!!! try to dl the files again just like michelle mention b4 one of the file not fully dl. coz i had the experience especially dl fr MU
    −_−. Try to dl all again;_・! good luck!
    Michelle, u still keeping busy \(^ ^)/

  24. Thank you so much. I really want to watch this SP drama:)

  25. oh u resub again! OMG! u r goddess! think i hv to re-watch n cry again ne^O^ omedetou 4 completing this project! *pop pop fire crackers*

  26. wah ~ thank you so so so much! xD xD xD ~~

  27. gwsukahujan says: Reply

    wow…this film is so great…hehe…thx for subbing it….thx….

  28. Suki-daisuki ~ says: Reply

    I want to make a VietFansub, but i couldn’t find the RAW :( (On Torrent, but only one file and it’s too large)

    So can you share me the cut-file? Thank you so much. :)

  29. cherryadevodka says: Reply

    hey! i’m having problems with the third part could u pls help me?

  30. suki-daisuki~ the raw i used was downloaded from torrents too.

    cherryadevodka~ sorry the linking was wrong. i’ve fixed it, it shud work now :D

  31. cherryadevodka says: Reply

    ok! i’ll try it now. thanks :)

  32. Oups. Anyway, thanks a lot. I had been loooking for this everwhere

  33. Hi I was wondering if I could post it on a fansubbing site.

  34. waaa!! hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!!!! I love u so much cuz your are translating takki’s untranslated projects!! Im really longing for Yukinojo Henge! sniff! cuz there s a fansub that *maybe* will tanslate it! but its not even sure =(
    I love takki so much! thanks for translating this!! arigatou!!!!!!!!

  35. thank you
    T___T it good story but it sadd too
    p.s takki with kid so kakoii

  36. Thanks you so so much! :D
    I really want to watch this.
    When I read your summary with the spoilers I cried! XD
    I’m probably gonna bawl my eyes out. :P
    Good luck with the rest of your projects. ^^

  37. Thank you so much for this tanpatsu! It was great! Arigatou gozaimasu!^^

  38. otsukaresamadeshita

  39. It’s been a long time I didn’t watched Tackey’s drama. Thank God I’ve found this site!
    I think it’s really great for you to have to subbed this movie.
    Great work, girls!
    Thank you so much for subbing it ^^

  40. meiranchangntp says: Reply

    Thanks for the upload!

  41. thanks for the upload …but XD i downloaded all the files … but somehow when i combined it it only plays until 7:18 XD

  42. clauds~ could you check the file size of all the files u download. and make sure they’re all 100mb, except .013 which is 44mb, then make sure all the file names are the same before combining. hope it works…

  43. lolz thanks it did work lolz XD i forgot i downloaded part 1 at megaupload and the rest at mf XDXD lolz thank again mich ^^

  44. thanks for subbing and sharing…great job…otsukare deshita…

  45. hounto ni doumo arigatou…^__^
    but why in MF just part 1 can open and next part can’t opened…?

  46. rin~ u have to join all 13 parts together using hjsplit, before playing the file…

  47. kyaaaa…Thank you so much :D
    btw,,, I’m not to understand about hjsplit :(
    download at MF and MU both need hjsplit ?

  48. michelle…
    I finished download this drama at torrents but not subtitles :(( btw… do you know or have link download+subtitles this drama at torrents ?
    onegaishimasu… ^__^

  49. hida~ sorry, i dun have it on torrents. you have to download all parts (from 001 to 013 — you can choose either MF or MU or both. just make sure u get all 13 parts downloaded to the same folder). then run hjsplit to join all the files together to form one file. hjsplit can be downloaded here.

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