[Subs] Orthros no Inu – Episode 01

English subs for “Wan Wan” Episode 1!

Orthros no Inu English Subs

Subtitles by Querbeet :)

SD (704×480, MKV, 336MB)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004
DA: torrent

HD (1280×720, MKV, 651MB)
MU: complete
MF: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007
DA: torrent

For 704×396 or 1280×720 raws  » download

22 Replies to “[Subs] Orthros no Inu – Episode 01”

  1. I have what may be a stupid question. Will the softsubs be in a format that will work with .avi? *crosses fingers*

  2. glenda~ yes, the softsubs will work with the raw avi (posted on this site, on d-addicts & many other places too). did the MKV format scare you? hehe~ it’s high quality but in a low file size, a little like the rmvb that the chinese fandom uses. the HDTV version is only 650mb, less than the usual SD avi hardsubs. this was only something i learnt a few days ago XDDD

  3. Yes, Mich. most people quite afraid of the MKV format, but some of the big fansub groups are transitioning to it, and those like Queerbeet and SBK already opt for it. MKV is a popular format in the anime fandom by the way.

    Mich, I’ve watched this drama (yes, again ^^) from the Queerbeet’s work last night. You guys did a great job, as expected from Queerbeet. I really like the quality subs you guys provided. Thanks a lot and good luck for the next episode ne~~~

    On another note, Tono was a naughty, naughty boy in ep2, making me all smiling throughout the episode. ^^

  4. Ah, forgot. Glenda, don’t worry. Queerbeet softsubs always work with any version of raw you downloaded, either SQ (704) or HQ (1280). ^^

  5. hard worked da ne~

  6. Yesterday was the second episode ne~
    Ha~In fact the chinese subbed one is more convinent for me~ha~

  7. I’m not download yet, but I think if the quality of pictures of MKV are the same as AVI, I prefer to download MKV more, because I can watch that clip more quicker.

    Thank you Mich. I’m waiting for episode 2.

  8. love~ i think i can almost recite the entire episode 1 now, so it’s perfectly fine to rewatch it many many times. and yes, for episode 2!! naughty tono :) i’ve watched it about 3 times already. going on round 4 later bwahahaha… i can’t get enough of some scenes LOL…

    akachan~ thanks for ur support!
    and good luck wif urs!! ^^

    chanmonkey~ yeah, i understand, coz most of the visitors to takki.us come from countries that do not require english subs lol… (and chinese subs for ep.2 has been released already, omedetou!) thanks for commenting!

    PUI~ thanks for your support!^^
    we’ll do our best for episode 2.

  9. mich, thanks for subbing….hard work ne….yeah i watch episode 2 about three times already…i always like the part when he want to heal and then suddenly withdraw his hand…so cool ne

  10. ~HUG~…
    I truly enjoyed your hardwork….
    thank you so much for taking hour time to do the subs.

    today is a happy day ^^

  11. me scared? Ummm, maybe? Actually, I’ve not been able to play high definition files. I’m guessing it is more due to the age of my comp than failed players. Is there one you swear by for this type of file & HD? If it’s not one I’ve already tried, I can try it.

  12. leelin~ hehe, how many times u watched liao so far? but it’s good like that, every week got something to look forward to… i just hope tono continues doing dramas after dramas after dramas…

    kedky~ yeah, the team put in a lot of work. it was great working with them for the first time :)

    glenda~ actually i can’t play HD files on my windows laptop too. i figure it’s too old as well, the audio works fine but the video is slow-mo lol… but the files totally play fine on my macbook, that’s why i’m keeping HD files. as for the SD mkv file, i was told it shud work, as long as u have the right codec. and i’m very sure VLC has the codec for it! ^^

  13. softsubs added :)

  14. Million thanks!!! ^_^

  15. thanks for you kindness for sharing softsub~~~

  16. Thanks! and thanks for the softsubs!

  17. thanx for sharing and thanx fer the subs.
    but… did anyone got a download problem in 002 file for HQ?
    I got that. it says the file type is a document (something) though.
    could you please see the problem for me please?

    p.s. takki is very cute!!!! cant stop watching him getting more ‘n more cute every day!!!
    first time commented though.
    I’m so ashamed. my english is very poor, so please be kind.
    thank you.

  18. zytale~ hi, u’re referring to the MF links for the HD file rite? did you join all 7 files with hjsplit before watching? XD

  19. hi mich
    yes i’m talking about the MF links for the HD file. but the problem i’ve got here
    is that the 002 file cannot be download (got 001, 003-007 already, but not 002)
    i don’t know what happen TT ^TT

  20. zytale~ i just tried opening 002 and it ended up as a html file. weird… but maybe MF is being cranky again. if it still can’t work by tuesday, i’ll re-upload.

  21. I wish to download this drama but the link is already dead, can someone help me?

  22. Dilcia Vanessa Munoz Vargas says: Reply

    Is possible to re upload?

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