[Subs] Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2015.08.06

Here’s the English subs of “Monitoring” which was aired on 6 Aug. This is a Must-Watch: Super idol Takizawa Hideaki vs Super rude Reporter! Takki was called into a room for a fake magazine interview and the reporters do a series of rude actions to him. Of course, he was monitored throughout~ and his reactions were priceless!! XD

Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2hr SP (Tackey Cut)
English Subtitles
O/A: 6 August 2015
Duration: 13min 27s


Download (222.55mb) or Watch online
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Thanks to Marie for helping with the translations. Due to the large amount of colorful text on the original video, I’ve decided to try a slightly different style this time. Hope it’s okay, please enjoy the clip!

8 Replies to “[Subs] Ningen Kansatsu! Monitoring 2015.08.06”

  1. Thank you very much!!!

  2. a Korean fan says: Reply

    Hello. I’m a korean fan. Thank you for translating this show. I was wondering If I could upload this show on my blog? I wish so many people in S.Korea know much about takki.

    1. Hi, may I know where’s your blog? thanks

      1. A korean fan says: Reply

        This is my blog -> blog.naver.com/laborat

        1. i see~ sure, you may upload it to your blog. however, pls add a credit and link back to takki.us :) thanks~

          1. a korean fan says: Reply

            Thank you . Of course I’ll do it. I really appreciate it.

  3. thanks so much! :D

  4. Where i can download full of the episode of this variety? Thanks Before

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