[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.05.13

Here’s another release. Hope you enjoy it!

The Shounen Club Takizawa Hideaki Special Project #1
On Air Date: 13th May, 2007
Subtitles: English
Duration: 4min 20s
Subbed by mich & nyanco

About this clip: This is the very first clip of the Tackey SP Project. He tells the Johnnys Jrs about the important project he’s starting in Shounen Club.


Download MEGA (52.48MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

As usual, please do not repost elsewhere but feel free to link people over. Thank you! Woah~ I’m exhausted!!! I’ve been subbing almost the entire day, that I forgot to watch 24hrTV lol~ Turned it on and saw MatsuJun in the drama SP. Not sure if T&T were on it or not… doesn’t seem like they were ne…

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  1. I love it so much!! thanks mich & nyanco!!! u r really making this drought more bearable

  2. This was fun! You’ve done a great job. Domo arigatô gozaimasu!

  3. Thanks so much! Tackey was cute in this clip!
    I can’t wait for more subbed stuff.
    Great job. ^^

  4. Thanks Mich and Nyanco…..I’m downloading this……

  5. Your efforts are very much appreciated. You have subbed SO much stuff now, no wonder you are exhausted. Thanks so much again Mich and nyanco.

  6. thank you for your hard work.

    i love how the juniors were starstruck when they learned that it was takki who was visiting them. i laughed so hard on their questions, though couldn’t blame them for i would feel the same.

    looking forward to the next parts.

  7. Thank you for subbing this!

  8. Thank you mich-san and nyanco-san.It so funny ^o^.Takki kawaii ne.I just know that cool T-shirt who give to him.


    all cute~ cute~ Takki cute~ you cute~

  9. Thank you very much _@@

  10. yo mich~ thanks a bunch for subbing this (series) xD

  11. thank you for subbing the file

  12. thank u sooo much..

  13. thank u so much for this…
    yay, i miss t&t…

  14. ah this might get hilarious.. i mean tackey expression always seems serious but ended with comical act he does lol

  15. thanx 4 the video and

    looking forward to see what is Takki is going to do.. what is his project is all about

  16. Thanks so much for subbing! I love watching the interactions between Tackey and the juniors!

  17. Thanks for these two~ ^__^

  18. *____* Thank you very much for sharing and subbing this SCP!

  19. The links are broken T__T are you planning on re-uploading them?

    1. lemme search for the files & i’ll re-upload ne~

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