[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.06.10

If you missed part 1, you can get it here :)

The Shounen Club Takizawa Hideaki Special Project #2
On Air Date: 10th June, 2007
Subtitles: English
Duration: 5min 37s
Subbed by mich & nyanco

About this clip: Takki gathers the Jrs again, and enlists the help of ABC for this mysterious project of his. Then, he checks the juniors (●^●^●)<- my silly attempt at anpanman, and carries out an audition.

Takizawa Hideaki SP Project

Download MEGA (65.17MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

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21 Replies to “[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.06.10”

  1. Gr8 thanks Mich & Nyanco, love u both.. I’m longing to know what it is all abt after the Part 1 ne~

  2. Thanks Mich and Nyanco for subbing and sharing this clip.

  3. mich, nyanco, arigatou!
    thanks a lot!

  4. Thank you:D

  5. Thank you~mich + nyanco

    anpanman?~~~ hahaha XD

  6. Thanks Mich & Nyanco!

    I had only seen the outcome (when “Butoukan”(spelling?) was introduced), so it has been fun watching what led to it.

  7. Thankx, Mich, for upldg this again, this time w/Engl. subs. Thanks 4 ur guys’ hard work into all these subbing.

    Speaking of subbing, I’ve something to ask u about a dorama but, it’ll have to be on a personal email about this. (too lengthy) I’ll email u soon.

  8. thanx a millions..
    he was looking so serious and suddenly funny drown came out,,, LOL

  9. thank you mich and nyanco! you are the best! love that anpanman

  10. actually,I want to know what will the 舞斗冠 do next time ? I hope takki will bring us more surprise.

  11. Thank you!

  12. i have a Question

    this is the details for 2007 project… right?
    So, is there any details or reports for 2008 project… cuz am little confused… is there even a 2008 project?

    light me plz (*^o^*)

  13. Thanks so much for subbing! I’ve been wondering what went on during auditions. :D

  14. Thanks for subbing and sharing. When I see all the younger jrs look at Takki with respect and awe, I just couldn’t stop smiling.

  15. minasan~ thank you for the comments! \^~^/

    simone~ yup, it’s “Butoukan” :)

    first love~ not sure ne, since it was formed for this project only? and i think 2 of them will debut next year (ABC-Z & Kisumai)? let’s wait and see if anything else happens lol

    3aGRooB~ there isn’t any 2007 or 2008 project, just this one called ‘takizawa special project’ XD

  16. Thank you Mich & nyanco for this…and thank you for the first part of it, too. *red face* I missed that one somehow.

  17. Thanks for your hard work in subbing on this!
    I really liked Butoukan, Takki did a good job with this project! ^^

  18. i know that but..

    ok ganna understand that later…. i need to re-watch the projects announcements again ,,,, LOL

    just keep it up…

  19. Thank you for subbing this!

  20. Thanks for subbing and sharing.

  21. evergreenoflife says: Reply

    thanks a lot for this!

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