[Subs] Takizawa SP Project @ SC 2007.09.09

If you missed part 3, you can get it here :) And as usual, please do not upload on streaming sites and all that stuff~ Thank you very much! XD

The Shounen Club Takizawa Hideaki Special Project #4
On Air Date: 9th September, 2007
Subtitles: English
Duration: 5min 05s
Transcript/review: nyanco
Translation: ryther
Edit/timing/etc: mich

About this clip: The audition still continues… this time we hear from Yabu, Miyata, Takaki, Tamamori and Yuuto. We can see Takki’s shaking shoulders in this, when he’s trying to control his laughter :)

Shounen Club - Takizawa Project Part 4

Download MEGA (46.59MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

And ryther has joined our team! She’s helping out in translations :) Ah, she was actually the translator for my very first subbing project, which was released sometime in May 2007. That was when I just started taking Japanese classes! Time really flies ne…

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  1. Thanks for one more subbing job! I am glad you will have Ryther to help out.

    As you may remember, I am taking Japanese classes too (started this summer). However, the difference between us, is that, when watching Kokuchi Sezu, you understood 90%, and I understood 10%! It would be nice if those were complementary portions, but I am sure my measly 10% is within your 90%!

    Oh well, give me time (and strength, and patience, etc…lol). 日本語難しいですね!

  2. Ladies….thank you.

  3. thanks ryther for helping out! ^^ n also nyanco n mich-chan, been waiting for this! Love u gals!
    simone, hang in there! Ganbette with ur Japanese learning ne~
    N I wish those will be taking JLPT tml (wherever u are) good luck! *hearts*

  4. hahah.. simply amazing.. I love how the jr talk n takki laughing! my fav part is when kawai(izit?) who say takki will teach u english the next time? Love the way he stammer slightly! LMAO! n the miyata’s rule was hilarious.. Thanks, ladies! *chu*

  5. simone~ ganbatte ne! u’re taking JLPT tml too right? good luck to us :P

    sannah~ u’re welcome :)

    kat~ i’m gonna need LOTS of luck this time! 12 hrs plus left to study, but dun feel like studying at all! and i’m still only at 1/3 of that book *苦笑*

  6. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for subbing Takki project!
    I found the auditions really funny even without subs, so this is a bonus~
    Thanks again~

  8. Thanks for the newest installment; I’m getting a kick out of these.^^

  9. suki~ vierran~ citzera~ Saragorn~ you’re all welcome ne, thanks for commenting! ^^

  10. thanks a lot !

  11. Thank you again for subbing these clips! ♥

  12. snowqueenofhoth says: Reply

    Thanks! Grabbing these all. :D

  13. Thank you! So do we know what the outcome of the project is yet?

  14. thanx for up;oading
    still downloading
    actually wat is this project all about?

  15. Thank you very much! ^^

  16. thx you so much for sharing~ taking it!

  17. Where can I find the last part? @ @

  18. Thx for subbing. I’m so curious about the project. Do you know where I can watch it or could you tell me what project is?

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