[Subs] [Drama] Time Keepers Ep 08

The Kaidan Trio returns for this Episode 8 of Time Keepers! If you’ve watched the earlier Kaiki Clubs, you’d be able to recognise the trademark triangle cuts.

Time Keepers Episode 8/10 (English Subs)
Mokuyou no Kaidan Final
O/A: 27th February 1997
Duration: 51mins 08s
Translation: Marie
Edit, Timing, Typeset, Encode & QC: Mich
Special guest appearances: Imai Tsubasa, Kawano Naoki

time keepers 08 english subs

MP4, 560×416, 175.96MB
Download @ MF *updated 25 Dec 2013

If you missed the 7th episode, you can find it here.

8 Replies to “[Subs] [Drama] Time Keepers Ep 08”

  1. Ah, chibi Takki, just when I was starting to miss him…

    Thanks Mich!

  2. Thank you again mich&marie.

  3. Thank you for all the hard work, mich and marie! It’s so nice to see the chibi Takki when the grown-up version refuses to show up…

  4. Thank you so much! But the second part of this episode is missing from Mediafire! :'( Could you upload it again? Or is it just the link that is incorrect?

    1. i just checked my MF account and the file is gone! >.< i've to try to find back my file and reupload. please give me some time as i think the file might be in another hdd which isn't with me now...

  5. Thank you so much for this drama ^^
    Part 2 is missing =S can you reupload it, please? =)

  6. Thanks this was great drama, but could you re-upload again part 2 cz the second part of this episode is missing from MF.

  7. 002 has been re-uploaded by simone. again, simone, honto ni arigatou! hope this file won’t be removed again~ ><

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