[Subs] Utaban 2009.01.22

Finally completed this clip from the “Ai Kakumei” rush earlier this year. Douzo!

Utaban, 22nd January 2009
Takizawa Hideaki “Ai Kakumei” Promo
Subtitles: English
Duration: 9min 09s
Subbed by: Mich & Bon

About this clip: The talk segment extracted from Takki’s appearance on Utaban, to promote “Ai Kakumei”. They talked about seniors, juniors, bath goods, etc… and once again, Nakai and co. managed to get Takki into a bath tub half-naked XD

Takizawa Hideaki on Utaban, English Subs

MF (134.46MB) *re-uploaded on 30 Aug 2015

* do not re-post without permission

Sorry, I took so long to get this done. If only the subbing software can work on a mac, it would make things much easier…

35 Replies to “[Subs] Utaban 2009.01.22”

  1. thx for u though I had it

  2. vivien the pooh says: Reply

    so what?

  3. Thanks for subbing this, Mich & Bon

    An english subbed Takki clip is always greatly appreciated. =)

  4. Thanks so much, gals! *big hugs*

  5. Thank you. I can’t wait to revisit TakkiRev.

  6. Thank you so much! Just what I need to brighten my day!

  7. RinaReeChan says: Reply

    Thank you for subbing!

  8. alphanumerx says: Reply

    thank you for subbing :D i remember watching the raw and wishing i understood more of what was being said =P

  9. thank you i love other johnnys on utaban

  10. Thanks! I’d love to see more T&T…

  11. Thanks so much! Yay! Tackey was @ Utaban. ^_^

  12. thanks for this

  13. Thank you so much:D

  14. Thanks a lot! really! thanks!

  15. thank you so much for subbing !

  16. Thank you so much ^.^

  17. how come it stops after he got into the bath? I want to see after he got out of the bath …very nice body…shame that he is a bit short though…having chilli bath? this is the first time I heard it

  18. do i have to buy the hjsplit to watch the second part? arghh, i want to dl it but it doesn’t work:(

  19. koalabear~ hjsplit is a free software, u can download it here:

    then use it to JOIN 001 & 002 together :)

  20. arhhh! thank you so much mich!can’t wait to watch it now:)

  21. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for sharing this file

  22. Whoo, I love Utaban. Danke.

  23. Thanks a lot!
    Takki at Utaban? <3 xD

  24. newsvsyamapi says: Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  25. thank you for subbing!!

  26. sailormoon89 says: Reply

    thanks for your subbed ne :D

  27. thank u so much…

  28. u’re welcome! hope u enjoyed it! ^^

  29. wow!like….how cute is THAT? XDD thanks a lot!

  30. yeeeyy thank you

    (i’m new)^^

  31. thank you so much!!! XD

  32. Please, reupload Utaban 2009.01.22.

  33. Can please help to reupload??? thanks a millionnnnn ><

  34. Thank you so much for this!!

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