[Subs] Zubari Clip – Takki visits Hosoki’s house!

This is one of my all-time favourite Takki clips. I still laugh at the massage chair and bath tub parts now :) Special thanks to Marie for the translations, and to Nyanco & Simone for helping with the edit!

Zubari Iu Wa Yo 4Hr SP 2006.10.03
“Let’s visit Kazu-chan’s home!” Special
Subtitles: English
Duration: 23mins 04s
Translation by: Marie
Raw provided by: Nyanco
Edit by: Mich, Nyanco, Simone
Timing, Typeset, Encoding, QC by: Mich

About this clip: Kazu-chan had invited Takki casually to visit her home. He took her up on it and did, with a camera crew! So with him, we get to see her home and her many closets. She has a fondness for designer labels. Takki also got a present out of his visit!

tackey visits kazuchan

MEGA (720×480, 242.26MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

Please enjoy the clip~ XD

I kinda agree, that Takki shouldn’t only be doing butais. Well, he should be doing butais coz he’s a fantastic stage performer and creator, but at the same time, he should appear on tv and the big screen! It’s quite a waste that being in the industry for 15 years, he still hasn’t gotten his own movie yet…

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  1. Thank you so much for Eng subtitle.

  2. Thank you for sharing! :D

  3. Thank you so much for subbing !!! ( Question and not a request ; are you still planning to sub Utaban with Takki and Mizukawa Asami ? I didn’t watch the one subbed by Newsfan because she didn’t sub it entirely …).

  4. jiwelly~ janelle~ u’re welcome. hope u enjoy the clip!

    poline~ ah, that utaban ne. bon-chan actually translated about 1/2 of it and i’ve finished timing already, but we couldn’t find a complete good quality file to work with (the best one i found was missing the front part). and then we found out someone else has already subbed it… so somehow it’s been left like that, since then :( gomen… i can continue if someone is willing to work on the rest of the translation (even if it means using my low quality raw)… but for now, my focus is on taiyoushizu.

  5. i agree on a movie…i want that kind of project for him *prays*

  6. Thank you!

    P.S. For some reason I couldn’t login to the site using Firefox, I just kept getting an “incorrect password” error. Safari worked fine.

  7. thank uuuu so much!!!

  8. Aaah. Thank youuuu! <33 n_n!

  9. Kazu-chan: Japan’s answer to Imelda Marcos! However, I think she should buy handbags from other makers, like Ferragamo, Furla, Bottega Veneta. She doesn’t have enough variety in the styles….lol

    That is really a fun video and exchange between her and Takki.

  10. thank you!

  11. thank you so much! I really enjoyed “cheeky” Takki!

  12. thank u !!
    i miss Takki! he really needs to be on more TV!!

  13. TACKKEYYYYY! awww i miss him so much!

  14. I totally missed this one when you put it up :( Thanks for pointing to it at 2wenty-2wo so I could find my way to it LOL I remember watching it raw so this will be a treat. I rather miss Zubari *tear*

  15. thank you for sharing this file

  16. Hi, is it possible for a reupload of link 1 in MF? It seems to be missing. Thanks!

  17. can u reupload this video?thanks ^^
    please let me know if u reupload it~

  18. dl link has been updated :)

    1. want download it but after I click download button, there is no further progression or in other words, its just stuck like that…..just wonder why I can’t download it even after click the button after wait 30 seconds to generating the download progress but…….nah,dunno how to explain it to you….but truly hope you can settle this matter…..really want to watch this VC :'(

  19. The same thing happens to me. After I click the download button, there is nothing happened. Could you possibly upload this in another web? Thank you ^__^ I really want to watch this….

  20. Step by step, as requested:

    There are three download buttons on the page, but click on the one at the bottom right, an orange “Free Download” button. A page will open and you have to wait 15s (or 30s if you are not registered/logged in), after which an orange “Download File” button will appear (somewhere in the middle of the page). Click on it, and it’ll open another page which will have only one orange “Download” button. Click that and the file should start downloading.

    There are pop up ads along the way, just close them. I can’t do anything about them, sorry. And I think download will be faster if you are registered.

    1. They did it correctly; it’s the last download button, after the 30 seconds wait and generating as cena hanar said, that doesn’t work as in when I press it, nothing happens; the download doesn’t start nor the page shows any signs of loading even. It’s like a bogus button.

      1. thanks for letting me know. is this the only file that has this problem? are the other files working? anyway i’ve uploaded this file to SS but the link will only be valid for 30 days, so please download asap ne :)


        1. I’ve downloaded most of the others and they didn’t have any problems, so yeah, it’s just this one, I think. Thanks!

        2. I probably should’ve asked you before doing so, but I made a narod mirror for this file only: http://narod.ru/disk/64964924001.d33710bae0aaad022a072b688fe3b5d9/%5Btakki.us%5D%20Zubari%202006.10.03%20-%20Takki%20visits%20Hosoki%27s%20house%20(english%20subs).avi.html

          Of course, I’ll take it down if it’s an issue for you (^_^)

          1. not an issue!! ^^ thanks for the mirror! I’ll add it to the post so that others can download too.

  21. Dear Mich
    Thanks so much and I’d the same problem with others previously. Now got it.
    Again, many thanks for all the files and updates of Takki, it make me appreciate his work much more! Wondering how you get all the info of filming site of Akutou?
    Wishing all Takki fans a very Happy and Healthy New Year (and with many Takki’s updates)!

  22. Thank you so much for re-uploading it! It’s working now~ :D

  23. Hello!
    I want to see this program very much, but links don’t work. Can you reupload this video, please.

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