Tackey @ Zoom In Super 2009.05.05

Takki’s interview was shown this morning on NTV’s Zoom In Super. They also interviewed some people on the streets for their feelings on Jacket A’s body painting. The response was good ne~

Zoom In Super - Takizawa Shalala

Low quality (320×240, from my personal recording)
DL: MU or MF (8.91MB)

High quality (640×480, converted to avi, credit: xtsubasa)
DL: MU or MF (33.24MB)

11 Replies to “Tackey @ Zoom In Super 2009.05.05”

  1. Hey,Mich
    Don’t warry about the Oricon figure.
    I think it will get better tomorrow.
    Can’t see the video…wait for the download…

  2. gomen ne, i’m really so blur. i put in the wrong code just now. i’ve fixed it, it shud be viewable for now. once i get the clip uploaded, i’ll remove the streaming video :)

  3. mich, thanks!!
    i miss this one…

  4. A good news
    A Japanese fan went to buy CD today but was told that the 初回盤 have been sold out…

  5. Thanks so much Mich….

  6. Thanks, mich! Grabbed the HQ :)

    Package from cdjapan arrived this morning ^^

  7. Thanks so much Mich.

    Poor Takki stifled a yawn towards the end, he must be really sleep-deprived!

  8. Sigh….He looked so tired throughout the whole interview.

    Poor kid, he needs to take care of him more. Working hard all by himself is really tough ne…I really wish someone could better manage his schedule and tasks…

  9. Hi Mich. Thanks for sharing.
    Again I want to ask if TTG can use this video and sub it?
    and have you got an ID in TTG?

  10. Thank you Mich.

    nice body ne Tono. I want to see when he was painted body. What time he pay to stop giggle ne.

    waiting for channel a – w – ) ~

  11. tezuka_eiri says: Reply

    thank you for sharing the file

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