Haneru no Tobira 2010.11.24

The guests had to bring things starting with “ba” and see if other guests brought the same things… I won’t go into detail, but I think Takki looked really good here, especially when he wore that “kaburi” thing lol~

haneru no tobira

Download 720×404 from MF (128.85mb, avi)

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  1. Takki kawaii with “kaburi” thing in his head..kyaaa~ XD
    Thanks Mich! ^^

  2. Thanks, Mich!

    I look forward to watching this.

  3. Yep, saw this one when it aired and this clip was really amusing to watch, actually. lol (tho, at the time, I wondered what was really going on lollll) I wish someone could do engl. subbing for this one. I’m curious as to what it was about and what Takki was saying. :D

    Thanks Mich for sharing!

  4. Both of them look kawaiiiii~~~
    Takki was down at the first stage. *LOL*
    Fun to watch. Thank you. ^ ^

  5. Thank you for sharing !!!

  6. Thank you again,Takky really is cute with that onion thing ion his head.

  7. Thank you mich.You are such an angel for all the Takky fans who lives outside of Japan.How lucky Japanese people are.They always see Takky on t.v.,me i only see Takky on web fanpage like this.so thank you again.

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