Haneru no Tobira 2010.03.10

Takki appeared as a guest of a “hostess club”. The hostesses are all males in disguise of coz… They asked Takki if he’s been to a hostess club, and he said “yes”! lol~ Then one of them asked Takki if it’s ok for Johnnys (to be in one, or to say that he’s been in one lol~), and Takki said, probably not. LOL…

Haneru no Tobira Takizawa Hideaki

Then, they started playing some word game. They had to form a word starting with the previous person’s last hiragana letter, and the no. of letters per word will be increased with each person. The person who’s unable to form a word loses the round and he’ll have to down a glass of water.

After every round, Takki did some promotion! LOL! It was so funny how he took out the Kakumei DVD — first the regular edition, then the limited edition, and tried to promote it…. and when they tried to stop him for the 3rd round, he took out a leaflet for Takizawa Kabuki hahahaha~~

Haneru no Tobira Takizawa Hideaki

Finally, they made him change seats with the one on his left, coz he’s not losing at all lol. And indeed, after changing seats, Takki had to say a ‘5-letter word’ starting with “Ra”… and he lost haha! The way he counted the letters with his fingers was so cute!! And then he tried to promote Takizawa Kabuki again when everyone was in a state of confusion lol~ but got stopped. The leaflet was hit out of his hand…

Takki was made to drink the glass of water. He looks cute even when he’s drinking water lol. But after that, they wanted him to do the lambada (brazilian dance) hahahaha… coz the word he tried to say was “lambada” (ra-n-ba-da… which has only 4-letters lol~) so he stood up and did a few moves only, coz he couldn’t stop laughing XD

Haneru no Tobira Takizawa Hideaki

Download LQ from MF or MU (70.45MB)

18 more days ~♥

8 Replies to “Haneru no Tobira 2010.03.10”

  1. Look at his big smile!

    Thanks mich for recording, editing and uploading. Big hug.

  2. funny!do these guys allways dress Is this a regular tv showand

  3. I hit the wrong button! lol I didn’t finish. Is this a regular show and do these guys dress like this every show?Tackey looks cute as uaual.

  4. Thank you very much for this, Mich!

    It was a very very funny clip.
    Takki did a great job advertising his DVD
    and stage, and he can drink water elegantly!

  5. Thanks for sharing this clip!

    That is a really funny one. And good for Takki to promote his stuff [after all that’s why he is there in the first place, ne?]

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this clip. Takki is so cute, he really try his best to promote his DVD & the coming stage! He’s so kawaii!

  7. This looks funny. Love seeing him giggle and laughing. ^ ^
    Thanx for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing this! Ah~ I hope it’ll be subbed soon <3 Tackey’s smile is just one of those that can totally brighten your day. XD

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