Haneru no Tobira 2012.07.25

bakemono scares takki

Again, we got to see Takki SCREAM!! HAHA~~ this time not from pain, but from fright! 4 women dressed up as hideous looking creatures had to compete for only 2 “spots” to scare Takki~ coz whoever got to scare him would have the chance to hug him! Those lucky women!

bakemono scares takki

Takki was in the studio rehearsing for solocon (his dancing was so kakkoii!!! I love that checked pants and PINK shoes!!!), and they were watching him via hidden cams. They started to “set the atmosphere” in the studio by doing little scares here and there… and at the end, they had the “snake woman” hide in the back seat of Takki’s car when he left the studio!!! HAHA~ Tono’s reaction was hilarious! My favourite is the scare at the end!!! XDDD

Takki Cut @ MF (708×478, 9min 21s, 76.05mb)
*the competition between the 4 women isn’t included in this clip haha~ 

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  1. I hope he was stopped when she scared him…

  2. Why do they like to play this type of thing?

  3. I love to see Tackey screaming is pretty kawaii , don’t get me wrong!! is incredibly fun…

  4. Re what I said earlier: after seeing the clip, I realize:
    a) he wasn’t even in the driver’s seat
    b) poor guy, to have to go through this after directing rehearsals [notice he was very serious during the rehearsal]

    You have to submit to an awful lot of nonsense when you are a performer…

  5. haha~ at least takki only got a ‘what if a monster appears in the car…’ thing. the other guy got a ‘what if a monster appears in your house’… they intruded his house, and had one of the ske48 girls dress up as a almost faceless female ghost sitting on the stairs beside his living room…. XD

  6. hahaha…its hilarious but, poor tackey..

    but i love seeing him in programs..coz i got chance to see him^_~

  7. thanks so much for sharing this great clip!!!hontoni arigatou ne^_~

  8. Thank you so much for sharing dear ♥ ^O^
    can’t wait to watch it

  9. Thank you a lot for the clip! ^_^

  10. I’m really sorry but can you re-upload this? Thank you…

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